My Goals Have Changed. What Should I Do?

Just the other day, I popped into the gym while one of our CrossFit group classes was performing the bench-mark workout Fran. The class also …

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I’m so sore I can’t workout! What can I do?

My wife had our first child not too long ago, so I decided to take some time off from the daily workout grind to help …

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How do I choose the right workout routine for my goals?

Does it feel like you’ve tried every workout routine on the planet and are still struggling to reach your goals?  You’re not alone. Most people …

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My Back Tightens Up in Workouts – What Can I do?

In the early days of my functional fitness journey, my back would tighten up so bad I couldn’t complete my training, it created crippling muscle …

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I’m Not Gaining Weight – What Can I do? Try these 4 easy steps.

I know, I know! This sounds crazy! But many of our clients want to gain weight for health, athletic performance, or aesthetics, but in all …

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I don’t sleep well because I just had a baby or I work nights, what should I do to keep my health & fitness in check?

My wife just had our baby boy and we’re struggling to get a consistent sleep pattern figured out. It’s been really hard to say the …

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Can I Lose Fat and Build Muscle at the Same Time?

Yes you can! The two can be one and the same. When you build muscle, your metabolic rate increases, which in return burns fat! Through …

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Health Hacks: I Have Shoulder Pain, What Should I Do?

In 2016 I had a shoulder injury that would not go away, it was one of the most annoying experiences of my competitive career. I …

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I’m Not Losing Weight – What can I do?

Are you struggling with weight loss even after putting in all the effort? My goal today is to offer some tips to help you start …

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Health Hacks: An Easy Tip on How to Minimize Your Screen Time

About a month ago I received an update on my phone notifying me that I had averaged 3 hours and 45 minutes on my phone …

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