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Don’t Skip the Gym This Holiday Season! Cycle 4, Phase 3 Programming Expectations

The end of the CrossFit Games Open is just around the corner, which means we’re headed into a new phase of CrossFit group programming. It …

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A Letter From Your Nutrition Coach – 3 Considerations During the “Long Haul”

 3 Considerations During the “Long Haul” Many of us are focusing on taking a long-term approach to our health and fitness, as well as working …

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As a nutrition coach Halloween is my least favorite holiday. All year long I talk to clients about limiting processed sugars and behold Halloween throws …

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The Benefits of Personal Training

Someone decided that Nebraska isn’t for everyone. The truth is, CrossFit may not be for everyone either. At least not CrossFit in the traditional sense. …

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Nutrition Letter – Top 5 Mistakes People Make When Trying To Lose Weight; #4 is the Most Common!

Top 5 Mistakes People Make When Trying To Lose Weight; #4 is the Most Common! (Are you making one right now?) Hi! Something as fundamental …

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Nutrition Letter – My Journey to Health

Everyone has a different journey to health. Some of us are looking so far ahead at what a healthy life looks like we forget about …

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Nutrition Letter – Exercise Your No Muscle

We talk a lot about building healthy habits like meal prep, drinking water, scheduling time for exercise and going to bed earlier to get at …

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Nutrition Letter – Stand Up for Yourself

Why is it so hard to eat healthy? Is it because the world is against you?  With marketing everywhere for fast food, candy, pop and …

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Nutrition Letter from Coach Aaron

I grew up skinny fat. You know what I mean…the skinny-as-all-get-out and still can’t do a dang pushup to save my life. My classmates called …

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A Letter From Your Nutrition Coach

In middle school I loved one thing…playing basketball. I wanted to be the best and play in the WNBA when I got older. Fast forward …

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