July Challenge: Crawl Everyday

I am excited that during the month of July we are going to focus on crawling.  The challenge is to crawl 5 days/week.  Crawling is …

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Everything Gets Better With A Strong Core

In life it is nice to find something that solves multiple problems at once. These are little blessings that you must snatch up when you …

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Ouch! Don’t Squats Cause Knee Pain?

Weak muscles are bad for your knees. Strong muscles hold on tight to your knees, and all joints, to keep things secure.  Strong muscles around …

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Sugar: Is It good, bad, Or Just Delicious?

Nutrition science can be sliced and diced in as many different ways as you can slice and dice a tomato.  With that being the case, …

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May Challenge – Hanging Out! (Shoulder Health)

Our challenge during the month of May is to hang out!  Details in brief:  -Hang for 30/ 60/ 90 seconds, five days per week  -Enjoy …

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Sleep! Like a Baby??

 In brief:  – Get in bed for 8 hours each night: set a consistent wake up time and bedtime.  -Optimize your sleep environment: think of …

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Online Coaching – Accountability When You Need It Most

You may have seen that we are now offering Online Coaching.  Here is what you need to know.  What is it?  For a CFL member, …

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How To Stay Healthy and Sane Through COVID-19

These are surely difficult times. Social distancing and quarantine come with obvious drawbacks. This is an important time to attend to your health. If you …

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CROSSFIT LINCOLN, HOW WE’RE TRAINING THROUGH COVID-19 The coronavirus is creating worldwide panic, but we wanted to share some good news with you. First: You’ve …

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Wanna Lose Some Fat? Eat Some Protein!

In health, nutrition, and fitness you will achieve the best results by focusing on the basics. The basics are: -Get 8 hours of sleep -Eat …

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