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Coach Mark

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Mark has not only been on the coaching staff the longest (aside from our owner Phil) but he has also attended more group classes at our gym than anyone else! He would have been recognized as an athlete of the month a long time ago but he started coaching shortly before we started having an athlete of the month and thus was disqualified! We are excited for the month of June and to have the opportunity to highlight Coach Mark! 

“You know when coach Mark is in the gym because everything is more fun in class whether he is coaching or an athlete. When he is an athlete he still goes out of his way to help his fellow athletes around him with form, workout questions, and most importantly he continually shows how much he cares for them! Coach Mark embodies our values: Connection, Faith and Leadership in and out of the gym! I am so thankful to have you on our coaching staff!” – Coach Emily, GM –

How long have you been coaching?

2014 – 9 years.  

Why did you start coaching?

I enjoyed being an athlete and was excited to help others meet their goals as a coach.

What do you enjoy most about coaching?

Helping people

What are your coaching specialities?

I love powerlifting movements and love to coach them. My “specialty” is probably relating to my athletes to make it fun for them. I like to put the “fun” in “functional”.  😀 Also, not everybody knows that I have my Crossfit Kids Certificate.

Favorite movement to coach?

I have several favorites: Any press, the deadlift, and the burpee.

What do you love about coaching at CrossFit Lincoln?

I have coached here for almost a decade because I connect with people and have a unique perspective that may help them as an athlete.

What do you do outside of the gym?

I am an Operations Manager at Bulu here in Lincoln – fun fact: I have actually coached my current CEO, Paul Jarrett, and his wife and my current CMO/CPO, Stephanie Jarrett, when they were members of Crossfit Lincoln 8 years ago – AND one of CFL’s co-founders, Tanya, is my co-worker at Bulu – as is former CFL Head Coach, Paul Canarsky!  My wife and I are the directors of RFKC, a summer camp for abused and neglected kids and I have done camp for 20 years now. I like video games, rollerblading, reading, and almost every nerdy/geeky thing you’ve ever heard of.

Fun Fact or something you would want an athlete to know about you but doesn’t fit the other questions? 

I love you!  Sounds weird, but I honestly love everyone and want to help them better themselves. Coaching isn’t a job to me – it’s opportunity to love people by helping them.  🙂  Also, I have Lupus. Don’t let what is broken about yourself define you or hold you back from your goals.

Words to potential athletes or newer athletes:

Know why you are here – Crossfit is amazing because it form fits to what you are looking to get out of it. Are you here to get stronger? Faster? Lose weight? Be part of a fun community? Be competitive? Just looking to prolong your life? Know your “why” and scale (up or down) accordingly. Ask for help from fellow athletes and coaches – we are all here to get better.

Anything you would like to add:

Our coaches and community are the best – thanks for joining us and making us even better!