Our Podcast – We have one!

Podcasts are not new, not even to us, but gosh they are a great way to get to know our coaches, members, and provide information about nutrition and fitness to our community! 

We have relaunched our podcast thanks to Coach Landon and have recorded over 10 episodes. Here is a summary of them. Check them out on Spotify! 

Episode 1: Landon, Heather & Chuck

Landon, Heather, & Chuck sit down for the first episode of the LNF podcast. They talk about how they each found fitness, what it means to them, how to approach starting CrossFit & more.

Episode 2: Landon & Aaron Topil

Aaron Topil is a CrossFit Level 2, coach at Lincoln Nutrition and Fitness, husband, and father of 3. He talks with Landon about coffee, hunting, nutrition, his fitness journey, and finding balance in life.

Episode 3: Landon & Emily Brede

Emilly Brede is the LNF General Manager. She is also a CF-L2, Pn-L1, and Certified Adaptive and Inclusive Trainer (AIT). She talks about moving multiple states growing up, coffee, making fitness fun, and the community aspect of CrossFit.

Episode 4: Landon, Jenna McCoy & Tommy Cunningham

Jenna and Tommy are regulars in the 4:30 group classes at CrossFit Lincoln. They sit down with Landon to talk about weight loss, overcoming drug addiction, finding fitness, how they approach nutrition, and the gym’s community.

Episode 5: Megan and Logan 

Logan Clevenger and Megan Bollish worked together for a year and a half through personal training at Lincoln Nutrition & Fitness. In this episode, they talk about their lives growing up, finding fitness, being paired as coach/athlete and how that dynamic developed.

Episode 6: Colby Spence 

Colby is a licensed physical therapist for Exstrom Physical Therapy. He is also a member at Lincoln Nutrition and Fitness. On December 16th at 8 am he will be hosting a free squat and hip workshop at the gym that is open to the public. He talks about becoming a Physical Therapist, his fitness journey, and his love for movement.

Episode 7: Kate Higgins 

Dr. Kate Higgins is a sport neuropsychologist at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln Athletics and the lead provider at a new Nebraska Medicine Concussion clinic housed in Memorial Stadium and created through a collaboration between Nebraska Medicine and Husker Athletics. In this episode, Kate talks about how her current positions have driven her research related to concussions. She also talks about her active lifestyle in and out of the gym, joining the National Guard, and what she enjoys in her free time.

Episode 8: Cedric Willems 

Landon sits down with Cedric Willems, a regular in the Lincoln Nutrition & Fitness morning classes. Cedric talks about his time playing collegiate tennis, how the sport brought him from the Netherlands to the United States, starting a family, and his fitness journey.

Episode 9: Theresa Brandt Release date 1/17/2024

Theresa has been a member of the Lincoln Nutrition & Fitness community for 7 years. She talks about how she found herself in Lincoln Nebraska, how her fitness journey began and has evolved over the years, her battle with weight loss, her career, and the health industry’s current state. (

Episode 10: Mark Geist Release Date: 1/31/2024

Coach Mark has been a member at Lincoln Nutrition and Fitness for over 10 years. Mark and Landon talk about Mark’s time in the military, how he found fitness, Mark’s “Why” for being in the gym, and how he uses fitness and nutrition to fight illnesses.

Episode 11: Nutrition with Emily & Theresa Release Date 2/14/2024

Emily, Theresa & Landon sit down to discuss the first two sentences of CrossFit’s Fitness in 100 Words: “Eat meat and vegetables, nuts and seeds, some fruit, little starch and no sugar. Keep intake to levels that will support exercise but not body fat”. They break down their thoughts and ideas tied to each section of these phrases. To finish, each member talks of how they personally approach nutrition on a weekly basis.

We are so excited to have the opportunity to be in the podcast world! If you want to be on the podcast, have topics you want to make sure we cover… Please reach out to us! email [email protected] with your questions and we will make it happen! 

Check out all the episodes on Spotify by clicking the button below! 

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