Brooklyn Maynard – May Athlete of the Month

Showing up to class consistently builds strength both mentally and physically, and our May athlete of the month solidifies it! Brooklyn started a little over two years ago, first with our foundation sessions and then our group CrossFit classes. Her initial goal in our quarterly goal sessions was to come to class 4-5 times a week consistently. She knew if she could do that she would achieve all the other goals (building strength and confidence in all the movements). 

Brooklyn has built CrossFit class into her weekly routine now and averages 4-5x a week. Strength wise, just in the last six months she has gotten major personal records in almost all of our main lifts:

Back Squat 10 rep max: 30lb PR

Strict Press 1 rep max: 10lb PR 

Power Clean 1 rep max: 35lb PR

Push Press 1 rep max: 20lb PR

Overhead Squat 1 rep max: 25lb PR

Deadlift 5 rep max: 45lb PR

Brooklyn mentioned after the first year of CrossFit she had a mindset shift to having confidence in herself that she can do it and built that confidence through showing up every week. Read below to hear more of Brooklyn’s story:


Tell us a little about yourself. Where are you from? What do you do for a living/study?

My name is Brooklyn Maynard. I was born and raised here in Lincoln Nebraska. I currently work from home for FACTS (A Nelnet Company) and have been working there for about 7 years. I have a husband of two years and two fur babies.


How did you find out about Lincoln Nutrition & Fitness?

I have a cousin in Kansas who is a CrossFit fanatic and told me she absolutely loves it and recommended I try it. I had also grown tired and unmotivated with my typical gym membership and decided I really needed to switch it up. I did some research on CrossFit gyms in my area and I landed here!


What was the biggest obstacle for you to start?

I wasn’t sure if I was “Ready” to try CrossFit. I never felt like I would be athletic enough to step foot in a CrossFit Gym. However, once I did my research, I found plenty of people in my same position (and mindset) who were terrified of the idea of rigorous workouts but decided to try it anyway.


How did you overcome that obstacle?

I simply, Just Did It. I knew if I let my insecurities win, I probably would never do anything meaningful in life. Taking the first leap is always the toughest part.


Do you remember your first workout?

I remember my first foundation workouts with Austin. My forearms were swollen from just gripping the barbell. And I was completely winded after my 3rd burpee. At those moments I realized I had a lot of work to do lol!


Who was your coach, how did they help you push through it?

Austin was my Foundations Coach and Emily was my group class coach. I’ve never once felt judged by those two, which was important for me. They’ve continued to give me positive feedback and help with my form.


Why do you keep coming back to Lincoln Nutrition & Fitness? 

Everyday it’s something different. I’m learning new techniques on my form every time and I’m motivated by the people around me. It’s just the perfect workout environment. It also helps that the gym is only 5 minutes from my house.


How do you balance health & fitness with a busy schedule?

I’ve always preferred to get my workouts done in the mornings, but I like to take advantage of the 4:30 class if I’m just too tired to get up. Having that flexibility and utilizing different class times has allowed me to get in the gym at least 4 or 5 days a week.


How does CrossFit help you with your job/school/sports? 

It helps with everything. From simply just walking up staircases with ease to having more energy overall. Working from home and being sedentary can have a negative impact on my overall energy and mood. CrossFit not only allows me to workout, but also gives me that extra push to be active throughout my entire day.


What is your favorite thing about Lincoln Nutrition & Fitness?

The variety of workouts and seeing my own improvements over the past two years is what I’ve grown to love about this gym. I also enjoy the people I get to workout with. Everyone is so positive and motivating… even at 6am. The coaches are great and knowledgeable. 

We are very thankful to have Brooklyn in our 6am and 430pm group class. She is a great role model for the new female athletes in the gym and we are very excited to see how she grows this next year!! 
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