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Positively impacting and changing lives by creating a strong, brave, healthy community through coaching and education.

core values


Invest in others

Learn every member’s name

Learn about other’s passions, life, job and goals

Make our members’ goals, your goals. Relentlessly assist them in reaching those goals

Be yourself – It’s cool to be human


Persevere: don’t let the storms of life distract you from your purpose

Live with a servant’s heart & put others first

Pray/meditate about every decision, big or small



Search for and identify potential in everyone
Have courage to develop, harness and unlock that potential
Believe in your purpose, don’t be afraid to stand for what you believe

OUR coaches

Phil Kniep owner of Lincoln Nutrition & Fitness: Home of CrossFit Lincoln

Phil Kniep - Owner

CF L-3, CF Endurance,CF Mobility, Pn L-1

Phil started lifting weights at age 12 by fashioning a barbell and weights out of a broomstick and old milk jugs filled with sand. His determination led him to walk-on to play football at the University of Nebraska. After graduation, Phil was determined to help others and joined the fire department.

During his years as a fire fighter he realized he needed to maintain his physical fitness and began searching for a solution. When he found CrossFit in 2008 he was hooked. Soon he began working out in local parks with several fire fighter buddies and it wasn't long before CrossFit Lincoln was born.

From the beginning the goal was to help as many people as possible through fitness. Today, Lincoln Nutrition & Fitness, led by Phil, holds the same passion of positively impacting and changing as many lives as possible by creating a strong, brave, healthy community through coaching and education.

Emily Brede coach at Lincoln Nutrition & Fitness: Home of CrossFit Lincoln


CF-L2, Pn-L1, Certified Adaptive and Inclusive Trainer (AIT)

Loves to help people become their best. After attending classes consistently for over 5 years, Emily was invited to join the full-time coaching staff and began to flourish. She is passionate about you moving and fueling your body well.
Emily is the head nutrition coach, group class coach, personal trainer and team training coach. Emily loves to help you develop confidence inside and outside the gym.

Austin Wiederspon coach at Lincoln Nutrition & Fitness: Home of CrossFit Lincoln


CF L-2, USAW Level 2

Has spent the last 8 years honing his coaching craft in various gyms throughout Nebraska. After a knee injury cut his collegiate football career short, Austin begin rehabbing and working out using the CrossFit methodology. It didn't take long for the owner of his gym to recognize the talent and potential in Austin.
Austin loves to help elevate your fitness level. He coaches group classes, Barbell Club, personal training clients and team training clients. Austin also co-leads the Gymnastics Class.

Theresa coach at Lincoln Nutrition & Fitness: Home of CrossFit Lincoln


CF L2, Pn-L1

Coach Theresa used to LOVE to run, and run, and run. Her love of running hasn't waned, but now she loves the process of training and improving as an athlete that includes weight training, gymnastics and more in her training plan.
Theresa is a personal training and co-leads the Gymnastics Class.

Mark coach at Lincoln Nutrition & Fitness: Home of CrossFit Lincoln



Coach Mark is a long-time member of LNF and loves the community. He's open for hugs if you want/need one and he wants you to have a blast every time you step into the building.
Mark is a group class coach and you can find him (usually) in classes in the evening and on Saturdays.

Logan coach at Lincoln Nutrition & Fitness: Home of CrossFit Lincoln



Coach Logan is a long-time endurance athlete who loves to push his limits. As a long-time member at LNF, Logan has increased his aerobic capacity, built strength and battled through injuries as he developed as an athlete.
Logan is a personal trainer and also co-leads the Gymnastics Class.

Heather coach at Lincoln Nutrition & Fitness: Home of CrossFit Lincoln


CF - L2, Pn-L1, BirthFit Coach & Leader

Coach Heather fell in love with all things CrossFit during her fitness journey. She is passionate about sharing her love of nutrition, fitness and overall well-being with our community.
Heather is a group class coach, Legends coach (clients ages 55+), personal trainer and BirthFit coach.



Coach Landon was a member of CrossFit Lincoln for 2 years before stepping into a coaching role. He enjoys helping everyone invest in themselves through fitness no matter what stage of life they see themselves in. He also has a passion for the sport and enjoys diving into conversations about the CrossFit Games.



After finishing her college athletic career, Erin spent most of her time running, lifting weights, and kickboxing, until she found CrossFit in 2013. Community has always been what's kept Erin in the CrossFit game and she's quite enjoyed getting to know the members and coaching staff here at LNF.


Certified Adaptive and Inclusive Trainer, CF-L1 (AIT)

After volunteering with the adaptive athlete class on Saturday mornings, Cassaundra is excited to transition into being the head coach for these athletes and a certified Adaptive and Inclusive Trainer. Inclusion is important to her, and bringing these athletes into the community at Lincoln Nutrition and Fitness shows that anyone can do CrossFit. After starting CrossFit in 2018, her life is better for being a part of this community, and she wants to share that with others. After teaching for twelve years, coaching feels like a natural extension of her skills. Outside of the gym, she loves spending time with her husband and their three dogs, quilting, cooking, and reading.



I've always loved weight training and playing sports. In 2012 I discovered crossfit and was all in from day one. After being an athlete for 10 years I decided to get my coaching certification. I wanted to share my passion for fitness and health with others.



I found Crossfit through a small gym in California at the age of 13. Today my whole family is involved in the CrossFit community. I've enjoyed every step of the way from helping my football teammates weight lift in high school and college to coaching at Lincoln Nutrition and Fitness. I look forward to assisting new athletes and current athletes advance their skills to attain their goals.

Valerie Winkler-Rouse

ACE Health Coach Certification & CF-L1, Pn-L1

Coach Valerie began her fitness journey running marathons, later trading in her running shoes for lifting weights and bikini competitions. She finally found her people and sense of belonging at CrossFit in 2019. Life experience has taught her the importance of fueling your fitness and she believes a client-centered approach to coaching nutrition is key. Her passion lies with over-all wellness and she looks forward to collaborating with you on your nutrition journey.

Aaron Topil


CrossFit and being part of this community saved my life and are my biggest reasons for becoming a coach. I want to be that helping hand for whoever needs it. I officially committed 100% to the CrossFit methodology in 2017 and became a coach in 2023. My soccer and military backgrounds are contributors towards my love of longer workouts and odd-object work. My passion definitely is in helping others win and achieve their goals. Watching athletes PR or hit a movement for the first time never gets old.

John Johson


Coach John's positive attitude and work ethic from running ultra marathons has helped him fit in perfectly to our coaching staff. He is a dedicated husband and father of three who realized his passion for coaching in 2023. He is great at connecting with all athletes helping them feel welcomed and accomplished in every class he coaches!

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