Coach Cassaundra

Coach Cassaundra has been an athlete in our community going on 5 years. She always had great questions in class trying to understand the workouts and movements better. She was quick to correct the coach if they said the wrong thing or didn’t know what round we were on for the lifting portion. Essentially her attention to detail, ability to pay attention, and care for her fitness journey and those around her to be the best it could possibly be led her into coaching quite nicely. 

“Coach Cassaundra’s ability to get uncomfortable and try something new amazes me. When she decided to leave the teaching world, I saw an opportunity for her to continue to help others in a different way through coaching. She got uncomfortable coaching her fellow athletes in the noon class who had been in the community longer. She got uncomfortable coaching adaptive athletes which was a new group of athletes to our gym. She got uncomfortable coaching a stranger one on one for personal training and foundations. All the times she was uncomfortable over the last year have led to SOOOO much growth in her as a coach. Myself and our community are so thankful to have her as a coach and friend!” – Coach Emily, GM –

How long have you been coaching? Why did you start coaching?

I’ve been coaching for about 10 months. I originally started with our group of adaptive athletes on Saturdays, but I’ve branched out into doing Foundations, Personal Training, and group coaching.

What do you enjoy most about coaching?

I enjoy coaching because it’s a lot like teaching except everybody wants to be there!

What are your coaching specialities? Favorite movement to coach?

My specialties are adaptive athletes! My favorite movement to coach is kettlebell swings.

What do you love about coaching at CrossFit Lincoln?

I love the community!

What do you do outside of the gym? hobbies/work etc.

I do several contract jobs in the education field. I also like to read, sew, play games (video, card, board, anything!), and spend time with my husband and dogs.

Fun Fact or something you would want an athlete to know about you but doesn’t fit the other questions?

I’m an introvert by nature, and I almost always feel awkward in social situations. Sorry in advance if I’m awkward haha!

Words to potential athletes or newer athletes:

Anyone can do this! You are only competing against yourself. Go slow when you start (both with weights and effort), so that you can build the foundations to go fast later.

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