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Coach Heather

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Heather has continually educated herself in all things she is passionate about without even a little push. Since her coaching journey she has gotten her L1 and most recently her L2 CF certification, she is BirthFit certified so that she can coach mothers in all phases of motherhood, and she has her Level 1 Precision Nutrition Coaching certification because she knows nutrition is one of the most important tools to a person’s health and nutrition is one of her passions! 

“Heather is a coach I wish could be in the gym all day and interact with all of our athletes. Her welcoming energy pulls our new athletes to her, and her down to earth coaching style makes her extremely approachable by all athletes! One of the brightest of Heather’s qualities is that she has put in the work and continues to put in the work to be the best version of herself AND is extremely passionate in taking what she knows and sharing it with others!” – Coach Emily, GM –

How long have you been coaching?

4 years

Why did you start coaching? 

Because CrossFit changed my life and I wanted to be able to share that with others at a high level. 

What do you enjoy most about coaching? 

The connection I make with the athletes.  Everyone comes to the gym with a different lens of the world, but what we have in common is showing up, putting in the work, and that comradery is what makes a CrossFit gym so special. 

What are your coaching specialties? 

My specialty is probably being able to scale and/or adapt workouts to meet athletes where they are.  I never want someone to skip a workout because they feel like they can’t do the movements as written.  If you’re dealing with injury or special circumstances, I want you to come to class even if you end up doing something that looks completely different than the rest of the class.  Showing up and working is more important than the actual work you do.  Alternatively, if you’re goal is to become an elite athlete, there are ways to scale up a workout to help you dial-in on specific goals.

Favorite movement to coach? 

My favorite movement to coach is probably the squat.  Almost everyone can make improvements in their squat (myself included).  So, it’s a movement that I will keep teaching at a very base level because it’s so fundamental to everything we do in and outside of the gym.

What do you love about coaching at CrossFit Lincoln? 

I love that both the coaching staff and the members have really taken to the community aspect of what CrossFit is about.  Many members have created friendships that go beyond the gym walls.  It’s so fulfilling to be a part of it and to cultivate those relationships.

What do you do outside of the gym?  

I’m a full time Realtor—which is another amazing way to connect with people.  Buying and selling a home is a huge financial task and can be somewhat of an emotional roller coaster.  I love that I get to be someone who makes that process easier.  I love going to the CrossFIt games—it’s my favorite sport. I also enjoy riding my bike, golfing, stand-up paddle boarding, hanging out with my animals, and going to all of my kiddos sporting events and activities.  The things I enjoy most are what I get to do with my best friend and husband, Chuck!

Fun Fact or something you would want an athlete to know about you but doesn’t fit the other questions?

  I really enjoy singing!  I was a part of school choir from the time I was in 5th grade to my senior year of college primarily singing mezzo soprano.  I’ve performed in show choirs, concert choirs, and madrigal choirs.  Competed in state competitions and even performed in Toronto, Canada when I was 17.  I haven’t been a part of a group since college though so my only audience now is my family and my animals! They love it.  Lol!

Words to potential athletes or newer athletes: 

Just.  Show.  Up.  Make a plan to attend class—put it in your schedule like you would any other appointment and go.  Don’t negotiate with yourself, don’t put it off.  Come to class and do what you can do that day.  Not every day is going to be a 100% effort but, the more consistent you are, the closer you will get to your goals.

Anything you would like to add: 

CrossFit may not be for everybody, but anybody can do it.  “The needs of Olympic athletes and our grandparents differ by degree, not kind.”-Greg Glassman