Coach Erin

Coach Erin joined our coaching team last spring and to say she fit right in would be an understatement. Her experience & passion for CrossFit along her ability to get up early and coach the 5am crew was nothing short of a blessing for our community. Her subtleness with coaching cues has lead to growth in our morning athletes and her fun CrossFit games have livened up our coaches meetings!  

More from Coach Erin below:

How long have you been coaching? Why did you start coaching?

I have been CrossFitting for just over 10 years and coaching on and off for almost 9. I had been coaching kickboxing and was interested in switching gears and moving into the CrossFit space. My manager asked a friend and I if we’d be interested in beginning on an intern basis, and we got our level 1’s shortly after that. 

What do you enjoy most about coaching? 

I enjoy many things about coaching, but a big one is getting to see people who maybe weren’t the most athletic growing up do things with their bodies they never thought possible, whether that’s setting a PR in a lift or being able to consistently jump rope. 

What are your coaching specialities? Favorite movement to coach?

I don’t think I have a specialty necessarily, but I do enjoy coaching back squats, or really anything squat related. 

What do you love about coaching at CrossFit Lincoln?

This gym has been nothing but welcoming since day one. I’ve felt lucky to continue to be able to meet and work with people from all walks of life. 

What do you do outside of the gym? hobbies/work etc..

My hobbies outside of the gym vary, but usually include watching or playing sports, sitting with my cats, and hanging out with my family, including our newest addition, my nephew Benny. 

Fun Fact or something you would want an athlete to know about you but doesn’t fit the other questions?

You can’t tell now, but prior to CrossFit I used to be a long distance runner and also ran a Ragnar with a team of 12 in Minnesota. 

Words to potential athletes or newer athletes:

Just show up everyday and we will help you take care of the rest. 

Be sure to say hi to Coach Erin in the 5am or 6am class this month, MWF! 

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