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Cordell Isaac Barthelman – January Athlete of the Month

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“Cordell has been one of the most consistent athletes since I took over the Adaptive Athlete program last year. He shows up, has fun, and gets stronger every class. His form has improved so much because he is such a coachable athlete. When we started offering spots in our 6:30 pm group classes on Tuesdays and Thursdays, I was so thankful that Cordell was able to come. His confidence and independence has grown just as much as his physical strength. Cordell embodies the idea that CrossFit is for everyone!” – Coach Cassaundra- From Cordell:”My name is Cordell Isaac Barthelman.  The name Isaac means “one who laughs” and I truly enjoy laughing and making others laugh with me.  I was born and raised in Lincoln, NE.  I went to Lincoln Southeast high school and I’m currently in the Independence Academy program for students ages 18-21.  Each quarter of the school year, I attend a different job site to learn new skills that will help me to become a good employee when I graduate. I learned about Lincoln Nutrition & Fitness through the DSAF Saturday program.  For me, the hardest part in getting started was the fear of trying new things.  I like to watch and learn before I get involved.  After the first few Saturday classes, I looked forward to coming back.  When the offering changed from once a month to every week, I was excited to continue my journey in getting stronger and even more elated when the opportunity came to join the classes on Tuesdays and Thursdays. My coaches have been Cassaundra, Mark, Megan [Bollish], and Landon and many Saturday morning volunteer coaches.  All of the coaches have helped me to perfect my form, pushed me to try my hardest, and be the best person I can be.  Although I am busy with school/work and other sports, I have made my workouts at Lincoln Nutrition & Fitness a priority in my life.  Since my journey began, I’ve lost 15 pounds and become stronger.  I can now push-press 65 pounds. My goal is to gain weight by adding muscle. I struggle with low blood pressure and all of the coaches have been a great help in watching out for me to keep me safe.  I believe that CrossFit has helped me with my self-esteem.  My family and friends have noticed a change in my fitness level and commented on the positive changes.   My favorite thing about Lincoln Nutrition and Fitness isn’t a thing, it’s the people.  The coaches and community are there for each other, to help one another, and encourage each other.”  Glad to have you in our community Cordell,Your LNF Coaches