Brooke Garbison – December Athlete of the Month

Foundations, check. 

Group classes, check. 

Personal training, check. 

Nutrition coaching, check. 

Goal sessions, check. 

Community participation, check. 

Brooke has taken advantage of all opportunities for personal growth we offer over the last 2 and half years. Brooke has the ability to see a place where she can improve, ask for help, and then do the work. She has also been consistent in our group classes through job changes and her pregnancy. The picture of her above says it all, focused and determined too continually improve. 

Tell us a little about yourself. Where are you from? What do you do for a living?

I’ve lived in or just outside of Lincoln my whole life. I am a Project Manager in the Operational Excellence Department at Children’s Nebraska in Omaha. It’s a hybrid role, so I have a balance of working from home and commuting to Omaha. Outside of work and the gym, I like to read and do dog sports with my Sheltie, Bernie.  

How did you find out about LNF?

Google! I was laying in bed late at night and at the point where I knew I needed to change my fitness routine. I filled out the form on the website and was terrified when I got a quick response from Coach Emily asking to for a time to meet. I wasn’t sure if CrossFit was actually something I wanted to try or commit to.

What was the biggest obstacle for you to start?

When I found the gym two and a half years ago, I had a very busy schedule and over-committed myself to too many things. My biggest obstacle to start was finding the time to go to the gym.

How did you overcome that obstacle?

Coach Emily asked me what class time I was interested in going to. I told her I would love to be a morning workout person, but I’ve failed at that so many times before. Her response was something like, “Why don’t you just do it?”. Well, I never thought of it as being just that simple! Up until Spring 2023, I was a 6am athlete and loved starting my day with a workout. 

Do you remember your first workout?

My first Foundations PT class with Coach Emily started with 2 minutes of biking. I was so out of breath after those 2 minutes I had no idea how I was going to get through the whole workout. My first group fitness class was with Coach Heather and included snatches, which are still to this day my least favorite lift. 

Who have your coaches been? How have they helped you?

Coach Emily was my coach at the beginning. She helped me build confidence and encouraged me to put more weight on the bar.

Why do you keep coming back?

I love the way I feel after a workout! The people are pretty awesome, too.

What results have you seen? 

The most rewarding result has been my healthy pregnancy I’m due with my first baby at the start of 2024. My fertility journey has been a long one starting with a PCOS diagnosis about 7 years ago. I wasn’t sure if I would ever be able to have kids of my own. When I started CrossFit, I was on medication to help with insulin resistance, a side effect of PCOS. After going to CrossFit for about a year, my bloodwork showed that the medication wasn’t necessary anymore. I’ve heard that a combination of strength training and HIIT can improve insulin resistance, but experiencing it myself was very rewarding. 

Before walking into LNF 2.5 years ago, I wouldn’t have thought I would be pregnant today, nor would I have thought that I’d ever compete in a CrossFit competition. I’ve done two competitions now, both while pregnant! CrossFit has boosted my confidence and has shown me that I can do anything. 

My happiness and overall mental health have also improved.

How do you balance health and fitness with a busy schedule?

I’ve learned to prioritize the things that mean the most to me. I’ve eliminated many of the things I over-committed myself to so that I can make coming to class a priority. 

I don’t have a consistent class time I go to right now, but I love having the flexibility to choose one that works best for me each day. 

How does CrossFit help you with your job? How does CrossFit affect the rest of your life?

My job is primarily done from a desk, so going to the gym gives me the movement I miss throughout the workday. As a Project Manager, I spend a lot of my time telling other people what needs to be done. It’s nice to just show up to class and be told what to do and not have to put much thought into it – the programming is all done for you. 

Recently, there was a workout with lots of Turkish get-ups. What got me through it was knowing that I will need to get up off the ground many, many times when I have this child. I love the functional side of the movements we do and knowing it’ll improve my life outside of the gym. 

What is your favorite thing about LNF?

So many things…how do I narrow it down to just one?! Right now, my favorite thing is all the coaches. They have been so supportive and helpful during my pregnancy. They are willing to spend time with me to determine what the best scaling options are so I can hit the same stimulus as everyone else in class. CrossFit is truly accessible to anyone at any stage in life! 

We are so thankful to have Brooke in our community watching her grow and are excited for the next stage of her life as a mother!! 

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