What We Value

Four years ago my wife, Kerri, and I anxiously walked through the front doors of Lincoln Nutrition & Fitness: Home of CrossFit Lincoln. Several of our friends had spent months encouraging us to try out a fitness methodology that had transformed their bodies, reshaped what they believe about themselves physically, mentally, emotionally and reinvigorated their desire to be better every day.

The guy who stepped out of the office was a soft spoken behemoth of a man. Yeah, it was Phil. I’m sure he internally snickered when I said I thought the Games were awesome and I would love to do that. (If only wishing made it so….)

Over the last four years I have loved making new friends in the gym. I love seeing people from various backgrounds strive to be better than yesterday. My heart warms up when I see athletes, new and experienced alike, beam as they hit new milestones and do things they never believed they could do when they walked in the door. When athletes (that’s everyone here) start talking about what their bodies can do rather than what their bodies look like I know we are on the right track.

Two and a half years ago I had the privilege of working with the gym to help shape the future. The gym had never codified their mission and core values. We all felt the same joys and excitement when our athletes walked in the door, but we struggled to explain it. We experienced it, tasted it, but we needed to make sure everyone could experience, taste and understand the “it.”

So, here “it” is. Our Purpose.

Our purpose is to positively impact and change lives by creating a strong, brave, healthy community through education.

In order to achieve that purpose, we are guided by and live out our Core Values. 

Our Core Values are:


  • Invest in others
  • Learn every members name
  • Learn about others passions, jobs, life and goals
  • Make our members’ goals, your goals. Relentlessly assist them in reaching those
  • Be yourself – it’s cool to be human


  • Persevere, don’t let the storms of life distract you from your purpose
  • Live with a servant’s heart, put others first
  • Pray/meditate about every decision, big or small


  • Search and identify potential in everyone
  • Have courage to develop, harness and unlock that potential
  • Believe in your purpose, don’t be afraid to stand for what you believe

Four years ago I walked around proudly representing the gym because of the people I met and worked out with, the owners and coaches who developed relationships with me and my family and how the methodology changed my perspective on what fitness could be.

Today I walk around proudly representing the community I still call my family, celebrating your successes, encouraging you during your losses or sad times, and teaching a mindset that changed my life for the better.

For those of you who have been a part of our community, thank you for making this place so special. Your hard work, dedication, selflessness and joy has helped shape who we are today.

For those of you who are anxious to step through our doors, don’t put it off. We will be there every step of the way to help you develop the plan that fits your goals. Your goals become our goals.

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