The Key to Your Fitness: Build Muscle, Phase 2 Programming Road-Map

The Key to Your Fitness: Build Muscle
Phase 2 Programming Road-Map

One of the most important tools to improving your fitness is vision. Being able to see where you want to go and having a map with directions on how to get there. In my first programming blog for 2020, I gave you an overview on what to expect for the year. Now, as the year is underway, we are revisiting the map to ensure we’re on the right path.

In the first phase of the year our purpose was to lay a strong fundamental foundation for our most basic lifts while also increasing muscular endurance and building an aerobic base.

Now, as we head into March and begin Phase 2, it’s time to start building on the foundation we’ve already laid.

In this upcoming phase, from March 2nd to May 8th, we will be focusing on building lean muscle and ramping up the intensity of our conditioning.

Within this strength phase, the primary goal is to build muscle. Building lean muscle is the key to ramping up metabolism for weight loss, change in body composition and increasing strength. Muscle and ligaments hold the body together. The stronger those tissues are, the less chance of injury you have, the denser your bones become and the more you can slow down the aging process. In Phase 2, expect 3-4 sets of 6-12 reps focusing on the fundamental exercises, squat, deadlift, press and pull four times per week. With an additional focus on olympic weightlifting once per week.

The purpose in the conditioning in this phase is to transition into higher intensity aerobic interval training. Interval training is important in building lean muscle and ramping up your metabolism. It is also an important piece to increasing your aerobic capacity. Your ability to increase intensity in aerobic intervals, will translate into being able to pace longer workouts more efficiently. In the first conditioning phase of the year, we laid a base of efficient movement patterns and consistency. Now in Phase 2, we’ll be picking up the speed. In this conditioning phase expect to feel stronger, leaner, more confident, and less sore. You will see 2-6 rounds of 2 to 7 minute intervals with equal rest time at least 2 to 3 days per week.

This phase is beneficial for both the newer CrossFit athlete and the more experienced.

For newer crossfit athletes, it’s a great opportunity to continue to build muscle and strength to for a safe transition into higher skilled exercises in the future. We think it’s most important to focus on technique with consistency first, then add intensity. This means it is important that you have base-line strength numbers accomplished before trying exercises like handstand pushups, muscle-ups, snatches, and cleans. If you have questions on those base-line numbers, please check in with one of our coaches or set up a goal strategy session to figure out ways that we can help you accomplish your goals.

For the more experienced, you will get to reap the benefits of consistency! After Phase 1, the strength and muscular endurance you gained should translate to improved lifts and improved gymnastics. This cycle is an opportunity for you to continue to improve your strength and efficiency in your exercises and push the limits of your capabilities.

What life-style changes should you consider in this phase? In the first phase of the year, the goal was to create consistency in your workouts (committing 3-5 days per week to the gym). Now in Phase 2, it is a great time to consider tracking your food or begin working with a nutrition coach. For health and fitness goals to be attainable and realistic it’s important to make small changes throughout the year. These small consistent habits will eventually lead to a whole lifestyle change without you realizing it!

Remember, we’re building on a foundation laid from the beginning of the year. Health and fitness is a lifetime journey and our goal is to help you with the plan. A goal without a plan is just a wish!

If you have more specific goals or want to take action steps with your nutrition in this phase, please schedule a goal strategy session with one of our coaches. We can help you stay on track or get back on track for the rest of 2020!

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