Joe P. – September Athlete of the Month

There are coachable athletes and then there is Joe. Not only does he listen to the coaches and do his best to implement what they are saying, he is so quick to thank them and give them credit for his success. Joe is also a great athlete to have in class because he talks to everyone and makes them feel included and he is extremely positive. 


Tell us a little about yourself. Where are you from? What do you do for a living/study? Feel free to add more.

I am from Chadron Nebraska, and I currently work at BNSF here in Lincoln. Fitness has always been a big part of my life. In high school I wrestled and played football. I feel like wrestling really changed who I was as a person and taught me something about not quitting that I have stuck to since then. After high school I joined the Army National Guard and was fortunate to go to many military schools and traveled a lot. Of those schools I was fortunate to get the opportunity to go to Ranger School the Army’s premier leadership school. It took me 3 tries to pass this school over the span of 3 years. During Ranger school I learned what the human body was capable of doing on very minimal sleep and food and that has carried over into my day-to-day life and has simply changed my outlook on things 

How did you find out about Lincoln Nutrition & Fitness? What was the biggest obstacle for you to start?

I found out about Lincoln Nutrition & Fitness simply by googling CrossFit gyms in Lincoln NE. There was not really an obstacle to starting CrossFit but more so of making the decision. I do remember coming to the gym and meeting with Emily and we talked about CrossFit and the programing. It was the middle of April 2022, and I wasn’t sure if I should wait until the end of the month or start right away. I talked more to Emily during our meeting about starting CrossFit and she simply said, “Why not start now” and that’s when I decide to start foundations the following day. Since then, I have only become better. 

Do you remember your first workout? Who was your coach, how did they help you push through it?

My first workout that I remember well it was my second workout actually and I will never forget it. It was a noon class on a Tuesday and the name of that workout is called the Filthy Fifty. That was my second CrossFit workout not to mention that day Sergio was coaching and many of the athletes in that class that day were advanced athletes. I remember getting to the burpees and only finishing 5 of them and then I hit the time cap, I also remember my legs cramping so bad I could barley stand. But after all that I only wanted more so I kept coming back no matter the workout. 

Why do you keep coming back to Lincoln Nutrition & Fitness?

I honestly think its workouts like the Filthy Fifty and the people that go to our gym who share a similar mindset is why I keep coming back. I enjoy pushing my body to the limits and testing myself everyday also you can’t forget about the coaches. I know with these types of workouts you must be mentally tough but there have been many times when a coach told me to use that higher box or do more weight. Because of those coaches pushing me is why I am successful at our gym.

How do you balance health & fitness with a busy schedule?

How do I balance health & fitness with a busy schedule well its not easy and I am not 100% all the time but I think it’s the little things you do and being consistent is how I have been successful. Its not just about eating healthy but its about knowing your body and getting plenty of rest. I make working out a priority in my life so that plays a key factor. I also really enjoy working out so its easy to make it and eating healthy a priority.

How does CrossFit help you with your job?

My job is not very physically demanding but it can be mentally demanding somedays. By going to CrossFit, I maintain a good physical readiness so when it comes to those days when it’s very demanding I think I maintain my composure better and am able to be a good leader without any issues. Also, who doesn’t like to talk about CrossFit so that always gets brought up at work.

What is your favorite thing about Lincoln Nutrition & Fitness?

My favorite thing about Lincoln Nutrition & Fitness is the people and not just the athletes who go to class but the coaches. Without these people CrossFit would not be what it is or any fun. Everyday these athletes and coaches show up and give it 110% effort and that’s something you do not find just anywhere. Nick Saban once said “Mediocre people don’t like high achievers, and high achievers don’t like mediocre people”. I think we are all High Achievers at Lincoln Nutrition & Fitness that’s why everyone keeps coming back to compete every day.


We are so thankful Joe started the next day after meeting with Coach Emily and has continued to be consistent over the last year plus! See you in the gym Joe, 

LNF Coaches

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