Often you’ll see high intensity intervals programmed for our clients because they’re highly beneficial for almost any goal! 

In a nutshell, high intensity interval training consists of working hard for bouts of ten seconds to several minutes with rest to recover and repeat.

The benefits reach clients looking to improve body composition, increase strength, prevent injury, improve athletic performance and increase endurance.


If your goal is to lose weight, moderate weights taken to failure in intense bouts are a great way to build lean muscle. Having lean muscle is what will continue your body’s process of burning fat even when you’re not working out.


To increase strength you want to be sure you’re training your muscles with variance. High intensity efforts mean the muscle fibers that normally don’t get used in traditional strength sessions are firing at full force. Exercises taken to failure are also a great catalyst for building muscle mass which is needed to hold onto strength.


Most don’t think of high intensity training as a tool for injury prevention, but testing your limits in a controlled gym environment, with a coach safely teaching technique pays big dividends OUTSIDE the gym. Think of these efforts as a learning tool of how to be self aware and how far you can push yourself with different movement patterns.


Because high intensity efforts promote athletic body composition, strength, explosive power, and prevent injury it is highly beneficial for improving athletic performance in almost any sport. 


High intensity efforts are beneficial for improving aerobic capacity and endurance. Interval training leads to an increase in the ability to deliver oxygen to the working muscles as well as increased tolerance to the build-up of lactic acid. These physiological changes result in improved endurance.

Because there are small nuances that can help you improve in any of these areas, it’s important to work with a coach to modify your training to benefit you the most. 
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