How do I choose the right workout routine for my goals?

Does it feel like you’ve tried every workout routine on the planet and are still struggling to reach your goals? 

You’re not alone. Most people have not found a workout routine that works specifically for their goals. 

Why? Because everyone is different, we all have different body types, goals, and our bodies respond differently to exercises and metabolic stimuli.

The right workout routine should be made specifically for you!

I’ve been testing workout programs since I was 9 years old, I played collegiate sports, and have competed as a professional athlete, worked as a firefighter, and own a business. In all phases of my life my fitness goals have been different, which required adjustments in my workout routine. 

My goals as an athlete and a firefighter were completely different and required a different plan of attack. 

To be successful, it’s most beneficial to have a coach. 

In all chapters of my life, the path to success has included a struggle, a path to overcome the struggle, and someone to lean on through the struggle. 

The path to finding the right routine to fit your goals is as simple as finding a coach who’s dedicated in helping you reach your goals. Someone to sit down with you, help you establish your goals, write a game-plan and guide you down the right path. 

At Lincoln Nutrition & Fitness: Home of CrossFit Lincoln, your membership includes quarterly goal sessions. Every 90 days, you have the opportunity to sit down with your coach, establish your goals, and create a game-plan. Your coach will check-in with you each week and make sure you’re on track!

To schedule a time to meet with a coach and see if your routine fits you, schedule an appointment here:,CMDz4uSx2R7G2nBd7yl1

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