Coach Emily

“I am so thankful I have the opportunity to lead our coaching team and be apart of our community. One of my personal core values is curiosity and I am able to express it as a leader in our community. I get to dive into the “WHY” of our coaches and athletes, and them help them live it out.”
– Coach and General Manager Emily –

What do you enjoy most about coaching?

Besides everything… 

I truly enjoy taking an overwhelming movement, breaking it down for the athletes and then watching them begin to understand and excel at the movement. I enjoy the personal connections created by coaching people.  

How long have you been coaching and why did you start?

I have been a member of CrossFit Lincoln for 11 years and I have been coaching for 6 years. I started coaching because Coach/Owner Phil saw something in me I had yet to see in myself. He gave me an opportunity to work part time a couple nights a week as a coach and it has honestly changed my life. Not too long after working part time I took a chance and moved to a full time coaching role leaving my salaried position with benefits to something I was extremely passionate about. Then in January 2022 I moved into the General Manager position and have been loving it! 

What’s your favorite movement to coach?

I enjoy coaching rope climbs, dumbbell and kettlebell movements, and workouts where I can help athletes formulate the best approach to a workout for them, aka develop a strategy!

What do you love about coaching at Crossfit Lincoln?

One of the best parts of coaching at CrossFit Lincoln is our community. More specifically, we tend to attract and keep athletes that are coachable, positive and hard working which are the athletes I love to coach! 

What do you do outside the gym?

Go for walks in Wilderness park, ride my bicycle, chop vegetables/cook, spend time with my partner and our dogs and our families, attend the farmers market when it’s in season, read and eat. 

Fun Fact or something you would want an athlete to know about you but doesn’t fit the other questions?

Fun Fact – I eat most of my meals at home out of a bowl that looks like a basketball cut in half that I got for free by turning in the tops of popcorn boxes when I was in high school. 

Words to new and potential athletes:

“What is the reason people leave your gym?” I get asked this by potential new athletes all the time, so here is my answer:

The main reason I see people leave is because they do not like being uncomfortable, they do not like struggling, they do not want to learn, they do not want to work hard and they are not willing to change their current lifestyle that does not benefit their health. 

CrossFit and our community will push you to be uncomfortable, you will struggle with new movements and workouts, you will be coached and asked to continue to learn and improve how you move, you will work hard, and if you make it through all of those things, your life will be changed for the better and you will have created a lifestyle that does benefit your health. 

Our coaches and community are here to go through it with you and encourage you along the way. The choice is yours. 

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