Coach Derek

“Coaching is a lot harder than I thought it would be.” – Coach Derek – 

It is always fun to see an athlete become a coach. Taking their passion to improve their own health and fitness and turning it into helping others improve. And realizing coaching CrossFit is a rewarding challenge just as doing CrossFit as an athlete.

“Coach Derek has been an athlete many others have looked up to over the years. His sound technique on skilled movements and his effort are a bar many of us hope to reach someday. Over the last year I have been around Derek more and more at the noon class and I would say he excels in many other areas that led me to hire him as a coach. Derek is the first person to go around and give athletes fist bumps after class. He is quick to jump and help newer athletes. He encourages community by asking the class to go on a cool down walk after the workout. He also knows the 23 hours outside of the gym have a bigger impact on our lives, nutrition and sleep for example. He knows this is a life long journey, an everyday choice to better his life, and to have him now be a coach to demonstrate and coach our athletes on this…our community is quite lucky!” – Coach Emily, GM –

What do you enjoy most about coaching?

Seeing athletes progress. Watching them put in the work and get better over time. Seeing the excitement of finally getting a new movement down they’ve been struggling with.

How long have you been coaching and why did you start?

An opportunity came up to coach, and I decided it was time. I’ve been an athlete for over 10 years, and it was just the next step in my journey. I believe in the fundamentals of the programming and want to share that with others. So I got my L-1 and began coaching in March of this year.

Whats your favorite movement to coach?

double unders or toes 2 bar.

I loved the struggle of learning double unders as a new athlete! It’s a movement everyone can get down, just needs a lot of practice. Embrace the struggle!

What do you love about Coaching at Crossfit Lincoln?

The community! This gym is honestly my happy place. Doesn’t matter the class, or the time of day. I genuinely love everyone here!!

What do you do outside the gym?

I’m a service Technician for Black Hills Energy. When I’m not working, or working out, I spend a ton of time with my family. My wife Lisa, our 2 kids Pyper (14), Trey (12) and our Yellow Lab, Rogue. I love to golf, go camping, watching my kids play sports, and playing guitar.

Words to new and potential athletes:

Crossfit is not some elite fitness program. It’s a preventative maintenance  program for our body’s. We’re hedging the bet on our health, and living a long and enjoyable life.

What you do in the other 23 hrs outside of the gym will have a bigger impact than anything you do inside that hour. Your diet and sleep will make you a fitter than snatches, and handstand push-ups!

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