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Coach Austin

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Coach Austin is our go to coach when the rest of us are stumped on how to improve an athletes form. His knowledge expands beyond coaching CrossFit movements to the small details of how the human body moves in space AND how to coach an athlete to move better to improve their quality of life. 

“I have had the pleasure of working with Austin for the last four years or so and in that time I have learned so much from him. His eye for catching shifts in athletes form or faults is ridiculously sharp. The calm and relaxed presence he brings to his group classes creates a space for athletes to listen, learn, and grow while feeling safe and encouraged. Austin is a gem of a coach and I am so thankful to have him on our coaching team.” – Coach Emily – 

How long have you been coaching? Why did you start coaching?

I’ve been coaching for 10+ years. I started coaching (and CrossFit in general) through the encouragement of friends and other trainers because I guess I was “basically already doing it.”

What do you enjoy most about coaching?

Probably the psychology of difficult tasks and troubleshooting movement patterns. At the gym our channel is exercise, but even through that lens some of the challenges can be mentally taxing. Have you ever read one of the workouts and thought, Woof! or perhaps (Bleep) that!? It takes courage to try and learn new skills, ask for help, or even walk through the door sometimes. Many anxieties and fears around health & wellness/fitness tie an outsized portion of self-worth to success or lack thereof. I don’t enjoy watching people suffer in vain, but if that desire and effort can be focused it leads to some pretty rewarding things. It’s really fun to watch mood/temperament improve as confidence grows just by stacking some small wins in the gym. Not to mention the physical changes!

What are your coaching specialties? 

I really enjoy helping people hone new skills and it usually comes back to movement mechanics, coordination, and spatial awareness. An internal question I find myself asking a lot is: What does your BEST rep look like? Once that answer becomes good or great, the follow up question is: How repeatable is it? Beyond that, if athletes have prior injuries or are operating from a point of pain, it’s fun to dig in and search for root causes, aid with relief and acute rehab, and discuss longer term preventative strategies. 

Favorite movement to coach?

Olympic weightlifting is one of my favorites to coach, but honestly, it’s all fun.

What do you love about coaching at CrossFit Lincoln?

Everyone is welcome, regardless of starting point. The community is awesome, and the team of coaches continues to grow and bring even more opportunities to the table. Fitness may be the driving point to start, but you’ll gain some friends along the way!

What do you do outside of the gym? hobbies/work etc.

I work for a general contractor, Scheele-Kayton Construction, who recently helped sponsor the Corn Fed Lift-Off. Outside of work I enjoy playing all of the games & sports when I can, being sous chef to my wife, Hannah, and going on the occasional TV & food marathon binge.

Fun Fact or something you would want an athlete to know about you but doesn’t fit the other questions?

Fun fact: I was so stumped on how to answer these questions that it took me over two weeks to respond! Don’t worry though, I definitely didn’t overthink it. 

Words to potential athletes or newer athletes:

If you want to start your fitness journey or recently began, you likely want to improve or maintain your health. Groundbreaking stuff, I know. Coaches are here to provide the framework, but you get to choose how to play in the sandbox. If something is out of your current capacity or a safety risk, ask and/or adjust to stay within the sandbox. The borders will change over time & expand/narrow depending on the task. Work hard towards your goals and listen to the feedback your body gives you.

Anything you would like to add:

Consider how you behave when you aren’t motivated. Diet & exercise, like so many other things, are as much (if not more!) mental as they are physical. I’ve used this as a Muscle-up cue for finding a focal point, but it’s a decent allegory, “Your body is going to follow wherever your head goes.”