Good day! 10 years ago in June the initial stages of Lincoln Nutrition & Fitness: Home of CrossFit Lincoln started to take shape. CrossFit was on our radar and we began hosting workouts for free in local parks. This mostly started with firefighters in Phil Kniep’s recruit class, but it slowly started growing with friends and family who joined in on the fun. Lincoln Nutrition & Fitness: Home of CrossFit Lincoln, originally known as “The Lincoln Outdoor Fitness Club” started hosting a functional fitness class in the mornings and evenings. In those beginning days, we followed the programming.

And now, 10 years later, we are bringing it back! Phase 2 of Cycle 1 will contain somewhat different programming than what you are used to because we’ll be going back into the archives from June of 2009 for a taste of old school! The conditioning will be slightly different, but the Phase 2 class strength programming will continue to look very similar to Phase 1 with one dynamic olympic lift and one slower, larger muscle moving lift focus each week.

For the olympic lifts, the programming will continue to  refine basic mechanics by practicing from the hang position and working on hip speed. And now that we’ve established some of our 8, 10 and 12 rep maxes for the slower lifts, we will continue to increase base strength with a higher rep hypertrophy strength cycle based on the percentages from those lifts.

Finally, the biggest change to Phase 2 strength will include incorporating kipping movements to our gymnastics complexes, while continuing to build on the strict strength established in Phase 1.

*Note – some of our days may rotate based on the conditioning that’s being added from 2009. But below is a basic guideline for the next 4 weeks:

  • MONDAY – Upper Body Push & Lower Body Accessory
    • Upper Push – Alternate weeks between vertical push & horizontal push strength (focusing on shoulder health & stability, adding kipping movements)
    • Lower Pull Accessory – Accessory posterior chain development + explosive bounding
    • Skill – every other week  specific to WOD
  • TUESDAY – Skill or Strength specific to conditioning for the day.
  • WEDNESDAY – Alternate weeks between Front Squat & Snatch
    • Front Squat – continue hypertrophy squat cycle
    • Snatch – continue technique focus (practice from hang positions, pulls from floor)
  • THURSDAY – Upper Body Pull & Lower  Body Push
    • Upper Pull – alternate weeks between vertical pull & horizontal pull strength (focusing on shoulder health & stability adding kipping movements)
    • Lower Push – accessory single leg movements
    • Skill – every other week, skill work specific to WOD
  • FRIDAY – Alternate between Clean & Deadlift
    • Clean – continue technique focus (practice from hang positions and pulls from the floor)
    • Deadlift – continue hypertrophy cycle

…next week…what to expect from the class conditioning!

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