What’s Your Priority? Nutrition or Fitness?

Why are we “Lincoln Nutrition & Fitness:  Home of CrossFit Lincoln”?

Lincoln Nutrition and Fitness: Home of CrossFit Lincoln used to be just “CrossFit Lincoln”.  Why exactly did the name change?  One of the reasons, in short, was to put more emphasis on the importance of NUTRITION in our community.  

Let’s imagine someone who spends the majority of their time living a sedentary lifestyle.  They work at a desk, and they don’t spend much or any time doing activities, and definitely no purposeful exercise.  Now let’s imagine someone at the other end of the spectrum.  They are moving constantly; walking, gardening, cycling, ect; AND spend hours daily in the gym.  If both of these people had a diet consisting of only highly processed foods, do you think one would be considered “healthier” over the other?  What about if they both had diets consisting of only minimally processed whole foods?  In that case, would one be considered “healthier” than the other?  

The answers could certainly be debated because then we have to answer the bigger question of–what’s more important:  nutrition or movement?  We will save this topic for another blog. A question we can answer right now is:  if both of those people had diets consisting of mostly whole, minimally processed foods, would they be healthier than if they had diets consisting mostly of highly processed foods?  The answer is unequivocally YES.  

The majority of the population lives somewhere in the middle of these two scenarios in both movement and nutrition.  The majority of the population also desires to eat a better diet.  Why is this important?

Eating a better diet is important for many reasons but namely for overall health and wellness; and also for performance. When you eat a diet consisting mostly of whole, minimally processed foods, you create a hedge against sickness.  Your body runs so much more efficiently when it’s receiving the right macronutrients and micronutrients.  When it has to digest foods that do not have high digestibility, then it’s working harder on those functions than needed.  So when you eat to have a healthy body, it bleeds into other areas like performance in a sport or at the gym.  When you’re eating better to improve your performance at the gym, then you’ll also see improvement in recovery, like better sleep!

So how on earth do I even accomplish “eating better”?  What does “eating better” even mean?  That’s where Lincoln Nutrition and Fitness: Home of CrossFit Lincoln can help.  Our nutrition coaching program is highly individualized.  We take the approach of figuring out what works for you, what doesn’t, and create goals from there.  Eating better can look a little bit different for everyone.  

The most key role we serve though, is accountability.  Generally, you know that if you have the choice between an apple or a donut, which one would be the “better” choice. The apple, right?!  But what if SOMETIMES, the donut is the better choice!?  Really!   Better does not have to mean perfect.  We can help you navigate those roadblocks to create sustainable habit changes!  It’s not magic.  It’s not fancy.  But it is effective. 

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