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We set a goal. We are excited and motivated to achieve the goal. We commit to the goal.

Days, weeks, sometimes months go by and the novelty wears off. The motivation fades as obstacles arise and the excitement is silenced by everyday challenges. We use these obstacles and challenges as rationale to quit.

We get back to a routine filled with old habits that do not support the success of our goals. 

Then say 6 months later we set the same goal, be healthier/lose weight/workout more/etc., and the same thing happens. We start with excitement and motivation and then… back to old habits.


Initial commitment is easy. You set a goal and get excited about it, “I am going to start eating healthier today!!!.” That is the easy part. You stay committed up until you feel a little discomfort, when things get a little difficult. Actual commitment is staying engaged when things aren’t fun and exciting. Recognizing the goal will take work and committing to do that work. Anything worth committing to in the first place is going to have difficult times. 

Re-commitment is difficult. It involves creative problem solving, communication and difficult conversation (most of the time with yourself). 

Re-commitment involves refocusing on why you set your goal in the first place. 

To succeed at a goal you need to recommit to your goals daily. Create a structure where recommitment happens daily. Prioritizing in a planner where you commit everyday to achieving your goals. Take the things that are most important and make them a priority in the day by adding them in your planner. 

A day has so many reasons for you not to accomplish your goals (aka distractions). “Establishing your why” and revisiting it daily will help you avoid these distractions. Make daily habits where you recommit to your goal. 

When setting a goal there will be a slow fade of motivation, drive and dedication for commitment to those goals. Cultivate motivation everyday! 

Here is an example: 

In your planner you commit in the morning to cooking dinner in the evening. You get home at night and are tired and would rather order food/not cook. Your goal is to cook your food to lead to a healthier life. Lean into the discomfort of being tired and recommit to your goal and cook. RECOMMIT EVERY SINGLE DAY TO YOU AND YOUR GOALS . 

Balanced individuals recommit to themselves and their goals everyday.

Break the cycle of recommitting every 6 months and make commitment a daily habit.. If you need help building the structure of recommitment or need help of where to start schedule a free intro session with one of our coaches today. Commit today to a healthier you and recommit tomorrow and the next day and the next day…. 

Coach Emily