February Challenge 2020 – Squat Hold

The details:
Everyday, perform a squat hold. Your goal is to accumulate 2:00 or 5:00 or 10:00 per day.

But why?
The overall reason is to help you feel better. Spending a bit of time in this position should help to stretch your lower back, improve ankle flexibility, and increase hip mobility. The net result should be that as you go about your day, you are moving better and more freely.
There is an argument to be made that humans should spend a good amount of time in a squat through working on the ground and relieving themselves. Most of us do not find a daily requirement to spend much time in a squat and as a result lose a certain amount of flexibility and comfort in that position. Perhaps a squat should be our comfortable resting position.

What if I can’t hold a squat very well?
This is one of those things that truly does improve through doing. At first, you likely will not find it comfortable. There are some ways of helping things feel better; more on that later. After giving it some time, you should find that your body adapts rather quickly. Over a month, you can expect to see meaningful improvements from your starting point.

Tips for success:
-Start with short holds, accumulating your daily goal (2, 5, or 10 minutes)
-Prop your heels up (on a book, 5# plate, etc)
-Hold a counter weight (hold a weight in front of you, does not need to be heavy to be effective)
-Practice pointing your feet mostly forward while keeping the knees out.

When to do your Squat Holds?
Anytime is a good time! But that is also too vague. You should plan a time that you can consistently perform them from day to day. Perhaps you like to watch a show or read in the evening. Use the first few minutes to get those squat holds in. Maybe you would prefer to spend a few minutes in the morning loosening up for the day. Another great time is before your workout to loosen up or after your workout to cool down.

What to do:
Pick how many minutes you want to hold a squat: 2:00, 5:00, or 10:00.
Plan the time of day that will best suit your schedule.
Do your squat holds!

During the month of February, you will be able to record your squat holds through WODIFY when you record your workout results. Do this to keep on track. And last, enjoy your new found flexibility!

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