What is the CrossFit Open?

Simply put, the CrossFit Open is a worldwide online competition that takes place in thousands of affiliates each year. Any and all can participate in The Open regardless of skill level, age, or body type. This three week competition gives people from all walks of life a chance to challenge themselves to reach new goals, hit new PRs, gauge their fitness, and have healthy competition in and out of their affiliate.The Open is also the first phase of the CrossFit Games season for athletes looking to push to the next stages. The 2023 CrossFit Open is set to run from February 16th – March 6th, 2023. 

General Information:

CrossFit will release the 2023 workouts on the corresponding Thursdays below. The workouts will be named after the current CrossFit season and the week it was released. So, the first workout of the 2023 CrossFit Open will be called “23.1”.Below are the release dates for each of the three workouts:

  • 23.1 releasing February 16
  • 23.2 releasing February 23
  • 23.3 releasing March 2

CrossFit outlines the rules and regulations for competing each year in the Games Rulebook. Registration is live for the 2023 Open. Both of these resources can be found here CrossFit Games Open


CrossFit will hold live Open announcements each week to reveal the week’s workout. Generally, these announcements feature athletes that have competed at the CrossFit Games in some capacity. These announcements will be free to watch via the CrossFit Games website or YouTube page.

What if you want to judge registered athletes during The Open? Easy, take the Crossfit Judges Course online and you’re all set.

Athlete Information:

Competing against yourself to reach your goals or competing with your friends in the gym are two of the most beautiful things you can get from The Open. But, what if you want to take it one step further? Here are some things you want to know.

When you register for The Open, you can register under multiple competitive divisions if applicable. These divisions are: Individuals, Age-Groups, Adaptive, and Teams. For more information regarding Age-Group and Adaptive divisional breakdowns, check out section 1.10 of the rulebook.


Once registered, you’re ready for the workouts. CrossFit will release workout and movement standards for each division. Standards may change depending on which division you are registered to compete in. Team athletes will complete the workouts as individuals during The Open.

Open scores are due by 5 pm Pacific Time on the Monday following the workout’s announcement. If the first workout is released on Thursday, February 16th, then scores for that workout are due by Monday February 20th at 5 pm PT.

What’s Next?

The next stage after The Open would be the online Quarterfinals. From The Open, 10% of individuals and athletes in each age group and 25% of teams will advance from The Open to the Quarterfinals. Important Quarter Finals dates:

  • Individual Quarterfinal: March 16 – 19 ONLINE
  • Team Quarterfinal: March 29 – 31 ONLINE
  • Age-Group Quarterfinal: March 31 – April 2 ONLINE

If you have any questions, reach out to a coach or follow the links provided in this blog. Stay tuned for articles previewing the CrossFit Semifinals & Games.

Coach Landon

PS We will be hosting Friday Nights Lights each Friday of the Open, 2/17, 2/24, 3/3 in the evening at our Gym! We look forward to seeing you there! 

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