After talking to hundreds of clients over the years, this is what I keep hearing from new clients:


“I want to be able to play and keep up with my kids. Currently I do not have the energy or endurance to do so.”


“There are so many diets out there and different nutrition information. I am overwhelmed, therefore I don’t do anything.”


“I am good for a month or so, and then a family gathering or holiday comes and I get thrown off track.”


“I am retired, but I am out of shape and can’t enjoy my retirement.”


“I had kids and focused on them and forgot about myself.”


The list goes on and on. The few things all these clients have in common are:


  1. They have lived, and want to continue to live and enjoy their life. 
  2. They focused on work or family over their own health and wellness for an extended amount of time. 
  3. It is overwhelming to figure out where to start on their health journey. 


Think about the answers to these questions:


What do you want to do but currently are unable to do activity wise?


How much of the day are you tired and how much of the day do you feel energized?


What motivates you?


Take what motivates you, turn it into fuel to push you through those tired days and work towards improving your life so you can do the activities you want to do! 


If your motivation is too far in the future, find something to keep you motivated every single day. 


Think, “I am 45 and I want to travel when I retire” vs “I want to go up the stairs at work everyday and not get out of breath”. Both great motivators, but the retirement feels soooo far away! Those stairs – every Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday! 


Think small, do small things and look up every once in a while to the future to make sure you are on track. 


I think this is where I am supposed to sell you on something…


How about instead I ask you to chat with a good friend or family member about your answers to the above questions. Ask for support, know you are not alone and come up with a plan. If you want to include us in that plan we would love to coach you. If your life improves even slightly after this email…It is a win! 



Coach Emily

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