Did you sit in a chair today? Did you sit on a toilet today? Did you stand up eventually?

Guess what, you did a squat! Check out the video and see if your squat looks like Phil’s squat. 

If you suffer from knee pain or lower back pain, consider squatting like Phil! 

Are you a parent? Does your kid enjoy being lifted about? Do you have high shelves in your house where you put things that are not very light?

You will probably do a shoulder press at some point.

Tighten your core, aka squeeze your abs before you press anything over head! 

Ever have a dream of hanging off a cliff for dear life? Would you be able to pull yourself up? 

Strict pulling strength could save your life and not just in your dreams. Plus, how cool is it to be able to do a chin up?!

Oopps I dropped [insert object here]! Time to deadlift! 

A Dog food bags weighs around 20#, can you pick it up of the ground like Phil picking up his barbell? Without hurting your back?

Deadlifts are a everyday movement for literally everyone!

The burpee… if you know the burpee you probably dislike the burpee. 

If you do not know the burpee, let me ask you this: If you fell down, could you get back up? When you sit on the floor, do you need assistance getting up from a chair or person? 

Burpees could be your answer! 

Squat snatch… in real life? Day to day? Probably no one does this. 

However, do you have to react fast to anything?

Your baby crawling for an outlet…quick! 

Any recreation league sports in your future? 

Can you lift your arms straight up over your head without shoulder pain or tightness? Do your hips feel tight? Are you not as agile as when you were younger?

Snatching could help you prepare for anything and keep your body mobile and agile way into your future. 

Curious? Want to move better and feel better?


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