June marks 10 years since CrossFit Lincoln began hosting workouts in various parks around Lincoln. In the beginning, our primary goal was to spread our enthusiasm about functional fitness to the masses. In those days at the parks, we invited friends and family to workout with us and hosted a workout in the morning and night. Each day, we would load equipment stored in a garage take it to the park and attempt the workouts programmed on In Phase 2, we’ll be revisiting those workouts from the June 2009 CrossFit archives!

The weekly conditioning schedule will look like this:

  • MONDAY – Longer Aerobic Pathway
    • Upper body pressing emphasis
  • TUESDAY – Mid-range steady state aerobic pathway
  • WEDNESDAY – Alternate between anaerobic & steady state mid-range aerobic pathway
    • Snatch & squat emphasis
  • THURSDAY – Longer Aerobic Pathway
    • Upper body pulling emphasis
  • FRIDAY – Alternate each week between longer aerobic and lactic buffering intervals
    • Deadlift & clean emphasis

Next week…focus work programming for phase 2…