Focus Work Programming Cycle 1, Phase 2


Hey all! The Tri-Fit Games and the Railyard riot competitions are right around the corner! Lincoln Nutrition & Fitness: Home of CrossFit Lincoln’s focus work programming is a perfect way to add an extra element to your training to help you prep! Below is an overview of what you’ve already seen and a taste of what you’ll see in the rest of this phase.

Each week will contain an another olympic lift and one slower, larger muscle moving lift in addition to the lifts performed in class.

With the dynamic lifts, we will continue to refine the basics by practicing position, speed by adding work from the blocks. For the slower lifts, we will continue with the current lower volume, dynamic base strength cycle.

The lower body accessory work will include posterior chain and glute development to improve lower back health and improve performance for all lifts.

The higher skilled gymnastics will begin to transition from strict pushing and pulling into higher volume, lactic buffering type pieces.

  • MONDAY – Alternate weeks between deadlift & clean
  • TUESDAY Squat speed & power cycle
  • WEDNESDAY – Upper press + lower pull accessory work
    • Skill focus = HS walk & overhead stability, handstand pushups, etc.
  • THURSDAY – Alternate weeks between snatch + front squat
      • Snatch focus – technique, working from the blocks
      • Front squat – speed & power cycle


  • FRIDAY – Upper upper pull + lower push accessory work


      • Skill focus = muscle-up, peg-board, rope climb

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The Post-Class Focus work has two goals in mind. First, to be used as a post WOD recovery session. Second, to increase aerobic capacity. Whether you are looking to increase athletic performance or looking add a little extra volume, these Post Class Focus sessions are important for athlete recovery, joint health and performance.

  • MONDAY – Monostructural recovery
    • Slow run, row, bike, ski
  • TUESDAY – Recovery based accessory work
    • Posterior chain emphasis
  • WEDNESDAY – Single movement capacity EMOM
    • Rotating through double-unders, wall-ball shots, AAB, etc. (the goal is to focus on building aerobic capacity on singular movements)
  • THURSDAY – Recovery based accessor work
    • Anterior & core stability bias
  • FRIDAY – Alternate weeks between movement capacity and strict strength

Next week, I have an overview of what Cycle 1, Phase 3 class strength will consist of…stay tuned!

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