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A Letter From Your Nutrition Coach Paul

It would be nice if the main parts of our lives helped us reach our overarching goals for success…

Unfortunately, it is not always that simple. I, for one, have not always lived that way. There have been periods of my life where some of my actions were actually working against my main goals. I had goals to be strong and healthy, but my decisions to stay up late or going out partying were not helping me reach those goals.

Over time, I have realized that everything I do can be categorized into two things: (1) steps that help me become a more disciplined and healthy human, or (2) steps that take me further away from that mark. How I think and learn about nutrition and food can certainly help me become a more successful and healthy person, or, those decisions can also work against that goal. The choice is in my hands.

Sometimes food is viewed as the enemy. It is the bad stuff we are drawn to but must stay away from. What if food could instead be an ally that you use to grow and transform?

I used to see food in terms of “rules.” Some foods were super great and others were always bad. But that may have been too simplistic. Now, I try to find the most practical ways that I can use food to enjoy life while always working toward my goals. I can ask myself, “Does eating this help me become a better, healthier human, or not”?

The role of food has shifted for me. It started solely as a tool to build muscle, then it became something I consumed for pleasure, now I have been able to utilize it as a tool to shape my soul and help me take steps to becoming a healthier, more successful version of myself.

Food, nutrition, and eating is so much more than finding the right number of calories or finding the “right” rules of eating. Used well, it can be a tool that shapes both your body and your soul.

How I see food and how I use food has changed over time. I would love to help you find a way to use food as an ally instead of an enemy.

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