Does it feel like you’ve tried every workout routine on the planet and are still struggling to reach your goals? 

You’re not alone. Most of our prospective clients have not found the right workout routine that works. 

Why? Because everyone is different. We are all built differently, our bodies respond to exercises and metabolic stimuli in a different manner than the person next to you.

The perfect workout routine can only be made specifically for you!

I’ve been testing workout programs since I was 9 years old. I played collegiate sports and have competed as a professional athlete, work as a firefighter, own a business and I’m a dad. In all phases of my life my fitness goals have been different, all of which have required adjustments in my workout routine. I know what works and doesn’t work. 

My goals as an athlete are entirely different from my goals as a busy, working dad and require a different plan of attack. 

To be successful in finding the right workout routine and balance it’s most beneficial to have a coach. 

The path to successfully reaching your goals will include many bumps in the road, which is why having a coach is so important. Accountability and positive reinforcement from a coach may be the key that unlock your potential.

The right plan and coach may be a necessity for you to live the healthier, stronger, and leaner life you’ve always wanted. At Lincoln Nutrition & Fitness, we offer you both nutrition & fitness coaching, from personal training to group CrossFit classes we have the keys to help you reach your goals! 

Our personal trainers and group coaches value lifting weights, and using multi-jointed, functional exercises performed at high intensity. You don’t have to guess what to do! 

To find the perfect workout routine for you, schedule a free consultation with one of our coaches here! →  I’M READY TO MEET WITH A COACH!

COACH PHIL KNIEP – Owner & CEO of Lincoln Nutrition & Fitness

Precision Nutrition L1 Coach

CrossFit Level 3 Trainer

Endurance Certified

Mobility Certified

Scaling Certified

3x CrossFit Games Qualifier

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