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Wave 1, Test Week, Day 2

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**SIMPLE Strength Programming will start on Monday, January 7th!

This program will offer pre-class strength work and post-class accessory work catered to anyone interested moving more pounds.

Lifts will include Squats, Deadlifts, Pressing Movements, Pulling Movements, Unilateral Movements, etc.

Cost = $30/month

Program available through Wodify once payment is received.

Please chat with Paul or Phil if you have any questions!

CrossFitLincoln – SIMPLE Strength Programming

Back Squat 1RM

Back Squat.

Find 1RM within 15:00

Back Rack Lunge 8RM

Squat Accessory.

E2MOMx 5 sets

8 Alt. Back Rack Reverse Lunge

(Build to a max weight for 8 reps)