Turn Your Resolutions Into Habits – New Year 2020

A week has passed since we rang in the New Year. January 1st, you got out a brand new napkin and sketched out a list of resolutions to make this the best year yet. And you are no slouch, so this year there are five, six, maybe even eight or nine goals.

So how is it going? One week in, is it still full steam ahead with full focus?

We all know the stereotype of New Year’s resolutions; set them, and abandon them by February 1st.

But maybe not this year. What if you could stick with it and actually check off that goal by December 31st?

Well I think you can. The next step is taking that goal, or resolution, and turning it into a plan. Then take that plan and turn it into a habit; something you can work on everyday.

This will be our true goal for 2020: turn your resolution into a habit, do that habit everyday, and check that DONE box.

Here is your homework.
First, pick ONE goal. Yes, one goal. All your goals are good and worthy, but you need all your efforts on one thing first, to create the momentum needed to move forward.
Again, choose one goal.

Next, think about what the path to accomplishing that goal looks like. What actions will you have to act out to get there?

The third, and most important part: turn those actions into a habit.
This means finding something you can do on a daily basis to accomplish your action steps, and therefore reach your goal.

Once you have your daily habit in mind , you must think through what will have to change from your current daily routine to make room for your new habit.

How will you make time for this new habit and how can you remind yourself to do this new thing?

It can be helpful to find a way to piggyback your new habit onto something you already do.

Let’s work through an example of this to see what it might look like.
Suppose you want to lose 10 pounds and be more healthy in 2020 (goal). You think that taking 10,000 steps per day might get you there (action step). You have decided that a morning walk will fit into your schedule best (habit). Your current routine is to start the coffee maker and scroll through Facebook while it brews. You decide that instead of Facebook, you could walk while the coffee is brewing. What must be done to make sure you do this daily?
This process might start the night before by setting your alarm ten minutes earlier so you have time. Next you might need to plan what you will wear if it is chilly. Last, you might want to place your walking shoes right in front of the coffee maker so there is no chance you will forget in the morning.

This planning ahead of time is crucial. If that was your goal, you would have to think through those steps eventually, as you did them. Thinking through all these ahead ensures that day one, you know your path and you have overcome the obstacles in advance.

So, to finish this up:
-What is your goal?
-What actions will lead to your goal?
-What is the smallest thing you can do daily to start?
-When will you do this daily habit?
-How will you remind yourself to do it daily?
-Stick to it for 30 days!

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We will help you identify ONE goal, lay out action steps, and the rest is up to you.
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Go forth and prosper, with a plan!

-Coach Paul

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