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Turkish Getups and HSPU

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Warm-up (No Measure)

Part A.

1. Deadbug KB overhead reach w/leg extension: continually move one leg at a time while holding KB every 6″ holding 10 sec each position focus on breathe! (:40 sec total to coaches cadence)

2. PVC pipe side bends: lat and oblique flexibility

3. Single Arm KB front squat w/hold: hold 5 sec at bottom of a perfect squat and focus on belly breathing. Repeat 5 reps per side

4. Side Plank Reach Through: 10 per side
Repeat 1-4 above


Turkish Get-ups & HSPU Test (5 Rounds for reps)

Part B.

E4MOM x 5 sets

6 KB Turkish Getups

Max Set of Handstand Pushups
Men: 35-70# KB

Women: 18-53# KB

Modifications: Max Rep KB Push Press at same weight as TGU’s