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The Only Thing I Weigh is My Morning Coffee


I was going about my morning routine, I heated up my water, ground my coffee, got out my scale… and then I realized something: “The only thing I weigh is my morning coffee!” 


It isn’t much, a small gray scale with two buttons for power/tare and units. I bought it 5ish years ago on Amazon for $12 bucks. 


I had enrolled in a nutrition coaching program and they suggested I start by weighing and measuring my food, and myself. This is a common path for most nutrition programs and diets; weigh, measure and repeat. 


I instantly saw results and lost weight, which was my short term goal. So, as one does once they reach their goal, I quit the nutrition coaching program. I had figured it out and no longer needed to pay someone to say I did a good job hitting my macros. 


Fast forward to 3 months later…


I gained the weight back and my gray little scale found a home in the back of a cupboard way up high in my kitchen. It was as if nothing had changed.


Fast forward to the present day… 


I am now a nutrition coach and have my own nutrition coaching program. Every time I talk to a new client I am reminded of my first time as a nutrition client: weigh and measure your food and try to hit these numbers calculated on some website. 


Did this work for me? Short term, yes…Long term, NO! 


As a nutrition coach I like to play the long game. Meaning I focus on coaching my clients to establish healthy habits for life. What I found success with and what my clients find success in are as follows:


  • Set a Foundation – Start with simple habits and do them really, really well to the point they are automatic. To the point where the holiday season comes and goes but your weight loss does not. These habits could include:
      1. Drink X oz of water everyday
      2. Eat enough food to sustain your lifestyle 
      3. Eat whole foods and limit processed foods
      4. Cook a meal at home
      5. Get enough sleep
      6. Move your body everyday
      7. Show gratitude everyday 
      8. Manage stress levels 
      9. Insert a habit you would like to establish HERE! 


  • Set LONG Term Goals – Setting goals are key. This will help keep you motivated and on track. Setting long term goals will help remind you of your “WHY”. It is the difference between: “I want to lose 20#.” vs “I want to be healthy and able to play with my grandkids when I am older.” 
      1. Think about how you want to feel in 5, 10, 20 years. 
      2. Make small changes everyday with the above thought in mind. 
      3. Develop a habit to consistently reflect on how things are going. 


  • Hire a Nutrition Coach – These emails always seem to end like this… so instead of me trying to close the deal, consider the following questions:
    1. Do I have the time and mental capacity to figure out HOW to get to my long term goal?
    2. Do I have the motivation and established routine to hold myself ACCOUNTABLE?
    3. How many times have I tried a diet or nutrition plan and it did not stick?
    4. In what other areas of my life am I successful? Who helped me get there? A coach, a mentor, a guide? 


It would be awesome to coach you whether you know what your long term goals are or need help figuring them out.


The only thing you might need a scale for is to measure your morning coffee to get the perfect water to coffee ratio. A scale is not needed to measure your success.


Coach Emily