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Sugar: Is It good, bad, Or Just Delicious?

Canva Strawberry Beside Spoon of Sugar

Nutrition science can be sliced and diced in as many different ways as you can slice and dice a tomato. 

With that being the case, today I will share my opinion on sugar in all of its sweetness. 

Some people love it while others are indifferent. 

We can divide the world into those with a “sweet tooth” and those that prefer a salty crunchy snack. Or maybe you like them both! 

So what is the deal with sugar? Over the last few years, health conscious folks have learned to shun sugar. Your grandmother may have known this was a good idea a long time ago. 

Why has sugar become so evil? It is the calories? Well, fat has over twice as many calories per gram when compared to sugar. Maybe it is something else. 

Is it high fructose corn syrup (HFCS)? Well, corn syrup and sugar are not as different. Maybe it is something else. 

I think that the main issue with sugar is that we can get it so easily. When it is combined with other flavors it stimulates our appetite. In turn we want more food than we would otherwise have an appetite for. 

For example, popcorn is great. But have you tried kettle corn?? 

Take your standard salty, crunchy treat and add some sugar and suddenly it is addictive. 

What about plain table sugar? Have you ever gotten out a spoon and a pint of sugar and eaten the whole thing? I doubt it. Too boring. 

Now a pint of icecream is a different situation! 

How about standing in the kitchen impulsively eating one banana after another. You tell yourself you will stop after this last one, but then you reach for another and cannot stop! 

I bet that is another “nope!” 

Here is a little project for you to try this week. 

Notice what foods you want to snack on. 

Notice what foods you want after dinner. 

Notice your appetite during a meal with sugar added as an ingredient. Sugar or HFCS will show up in most prepared foods so you will need to pay attention. 

Is sugar or HFCS bad? 

I do not think it is bad. But it will change your appetite and the flavors you will desire next. 

Sugar is fine in moderation, but moderation becomes very difficult. 

My suggestion: 

Eat fruit to satisfy your sugar cravings. 

One last thought: I think that the main issue with HFCS is simply that it is cheap. Since it is cheap, manufacturers can put it in lots of products and that will improve taste. WIth better taste, we will eat and buy more.