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In our gym we focus frequently on the benefits of high intensity workouts. 

High intensity workouts are a great tool for burning fat and building muscle. We’ve been using them with a high success rate for over 11 years. 

When delivering a high intensity workout to a client, nothing makes a coach cringe more than hearing ‘the rest was too long.’

If this is you, I have tips for strengthening your mindset to take full advantage of the intensity in your workouts.

Higher intensity workouts will be some of the hardest and most beneficial workouts you’ll ever perform if you approach them correctly. 

If you feel like the rest time is too long, it’s time to pick up the pace and reap the full benefit of your workouts. 

To attack your workouts at full intensity, try the following.

Set goals. Long term goals need to be set in order to understand why you’re pushing so hard. If your goal is losing weight or building muscle, high intensity workouts are perfect for you. Having the understanding that if you dig into the pain cave you’ll move closer to achieving your goals is highly beneficial.

Short term goals within the workout are also highly effective for pushing yourself. For example, set a number of reps you’d like to accomplish within your workout for the day. Having a number or a time set before the workout will give you a goal to shoot for and keep the intensity high.

Tell yourself you can. “Those who say they can, and those who say they can’t – are both usually right.” Approaching a high intensity workout with a negative mindset leads to cruising through the workout. Approach your workout with a positive attitude. Tell yourself, I can do this, or I’m blessed to be able to do this today.

Focus on one rep or round at a time. Don’t let the entirety of the workout creep into your head. Dial in on the task at hand. By focusing on one rep at a time you’ll remove thinking about the remaining work.

Count reps positively. Discover the power of simply counting, ‘one done, two done, three done…’ etc., rather than ‘one, two, three…, etc. This counting method has proven highly effective for staying positive and continuing to push through workouts.

Check your ego. Often we have clients who feel as though they won’t benefit from the workout unless performed as prescribed. Modify your workouts for intensity by performing them with lighter weights, less reps, or movements you’re able to perform efficiently.

Find comfort in the pain cave. High intensity workouts are designed to make your muscles and lungs burn. Fight through the pain, tell yourself it’s good, and understand you’ll get to rest when it’s over. 

Focus on your technique. When your mind is occupied with something else you forget about the discomfort, and great technique will lead to consistency, translating to higher intensity and better results.

Take your mind somewhere else. Think about your kids, being on the beach, how great you’ll feel when you’re done, or my favorite, pray. Distracting your mind from the discomfort helps keep you in the pain cave.

Nourish to flourish. Nutrition cannot be overlooked. You’ll find that if you’re eating whole foods, lean meats, vegetables, fruits and nuts & seeds, you’ll be able to take your workouts to the next level. 
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