It’s common for us to be asked whether drinking whey protein is beneficial or not. To answer broadly, drinking supplemental whey protein relies heavily on your goals and why you want to accomplish them.

Weight loss, building lean muscle and improving athletic performance are the most common goals we encounter. 


If your goal is to lose weight to improve your health, it is best to consume whole foods and lean meats as your primary source of protein. Whey protein may be an option if you’ve exhausted all options and made a valiant effort to consume enough daily protein and are still deficient.


Whether the goal for building lean muscle is about aesthetics or health, it’s always best to get your primary source of protein from lean meats. However, there are a lot of benefits from consuming whey protein before and after workouts to build muscle. 


Athletes train really hard for long periods of time and need protein for recovery. A whey protein supplement is generally needed for athletes to keep up performance and to fully recover. Whey protein digests quickly and can be used prior to early morning training sessions, in between sessions and for post workout shakes. 
Because everyone has different goals and lifestyles it’s important to have a coach to help you clearly identify those goals, create a game-plan for you and help guide you through the plan. SCHEDULE A FREE GOAL SETTING SESSION

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