Put Your Phone Away! – January Challenge 2020

We want to start the new year with a clear head and sharp focus.
Getting good rest and decreasing distractions are two great ways to start the year.

The January Challenge is to put your phone away one hour before bedtime.
The rules: 1 hour before your chosen bedtime, put your phone to bed on it’s charger (preferably in another room).

This one thing has several benefits. First, it should help you get yourself to bed a bit earlier. And when you do get to bed, sweet sleep will find you more quickly. Hopping off your phone will help your mind relax and calm itself, leading to a restful night.

The real goal is to increase the restfulness of your sleep and your peace of mind. Here are 5 ideas to fill your last hour before bed:
-Enjoy a conversation with your partner.
-Enjoy some stretching or mobility work; 5-10 minutes is a great start.
-Journal about your day; what are you thankful for and what can you improve tomorrow?
-Plan your day for tomorrow; with those thoughts sorted out and on paper, your mind is free.
-Read a book; a real book is great due to the lack of light from a screen.

Here are a couple pitfalls with solutions:
What if I use my phone as my alarm clock?
-Treat yourself to better rest by buying a basic alarm clock. They work great and don’t wake you up when you get a text!
Tip: turn the alarm face down to decrease light in your bedroom.

What if my phone is on a charger in my bedroom and I get a notification?
– It is highly recommended that you find a charging station for your devices outside the bedroom. You may also consider setting your phone to silent during the night.

Give it a try for a month and see what you think!
Let us know if you have suggestions to share on getting better sleep.

-Coach Paul

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