May Challenge – Hanging Out! (Shoulder Health)

Our challenge during the month of May is to hang out! 

Details in brief: 

-Hang for 30/ 60/ 90 seconds, five days per week 

-Enjoy healthy shoulders

May will be our month to hang out! Or more accurately, hang in there. 

Simply hanging is great for your shoulders and core! 

Over time this can help build strength and mobility through the shoulders. 

The rules are simple. All you need to do is find a spot you can hang from and accumulate 30/ 60/ 90 seconds per day. Aim for 5 days per week to see the best results. 


At first, 30 seconds may be a challenge. No problem, break that into 10 second blocks. Once you master 30 seconds, move on to a longer stretch. 

Another idea to get started is with some help from your legs. Start with one foot on the ground with as light of pressure as you can manage. Your shoulders will still get a good benefit, and you can increase the difficulty when you are ready by lifting the foot off the ground. 

Once you can hang well with no help from the feet, start paying attention to the core. 

Try to maintain a hollow position while hanging (legs straight, toes pointed forward). 


No pull-up bar in your basement or garage? No problem! 

Here are some ideas to try, or find your own favorite and share the idea with your friends. 

-Hang from a sturdy tree branch – make sure it is sturdy! 

-Hang from the edge of a porch or deck – but not too high!

-Hang from the back side of a flight of stairs that are open on the back (my favorite). 

That is about all there is to it.

Recruit a friend to do the challenge with you! Kids will love this one as well. 

Have fun with this one! I believe that this challenge will make your shoulders feel so much better.

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