July Challenge: Crawl Everyday

I am excited that during the month of July we are going to focus on crawling. 

The challenge is to crawl 5 days/week. 

Crawling is great because it provides several benefits with one activity. 

This activity strengthens the arms, shoulders, and core. While building strength, it also improves flexibility through the shoulders, hips, and hamstrings. 

You can think of crawling as an upgraded plank hold. 

We will have crawling built into the class warmup each day. If you come to class each day, you will automatically participate in your daily crawling. If you are taking a day off from class, check Wodify to see what the warmup includes and use it as active recovery. 

We will utilize the basics like bear crawl, mini bear crawl, and crab crawl. 

From there we will explore other variations of these basic crawls as well as some new varieties. 

Have fun crawling! 

-Coach Paul

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