Have you ever had a weightlifting number you just couldn’t seem to surpass? We’ve all been there before, whether it’s a back squat, snatch or bench press, there is a weight our minds can’t seem to wrap around and break through.

In my athletic and fitness journey, the snatch comes to mind. 

Over the years the number has changed for me. For example, when I started my career as CrossFit athlete, a 225 pound snatch was a mystical number I could never accomplish. 

However, over the years I broke through that number, had new mystical numbers, broke through those and eventually hit a lifetime goal!

Today, I’ll share how you can get past your mental blocks and continue to set new personal records!

  • Establish your ‘WHY?’. Understanding why you want to accomplish your goal helps mentally set you up for success when you’re performing the lift.
  • Build confidence in your lifts with consistency and practice. Most mental blocks are due to a lack of confidence in the lift. I’ve found practicing your weaknesses at least twice or more per week is most beneficial for breaking through your mental blocks. 
  • Hire a coach. Coaches are important for helping you identify movement faults and correcting technique. Confidence in technique improves confidence in your ability to succeed.
  • After technique is solid, lift heavy frequently. Many jump the gun and try to lift heavy before their technique is dialed in. This can lead to mental blocks and missed lifts. When you’ve built confidence in your technique, begin lifting heavy consistently at 85-90% of your 1 rep max, this will begin to build confidence in lifting heavy weights.
  • Approach the bar in the same manner each time you lift. It’s like shooting free throws. Consistency creates automation, automation leads to results without anxiety.
  • Practice lifting in different time domains. Many times a new personal record is broken when we least expect it. Lifting every minute on the minute often takes the mental process out of the lift. For example, when I made my lifetime goal on the snatch, I was on a time constraint, lifting quickly without time to let the numbers get in my head.
  • Stay positive, tell yourself you can do it. “Those who say they can and those who say they can’t, are both usually right.”

At Lincoln Nutrition & Fitness we have experienced coaches to help you establish your ‘WHY’, build a game-plan for your goals and coach you on your technique. Sit down with a coach to see how we can help you get over your mental blocks!,CMDz4uSx2R7G2nBd7yl1

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