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We’ve all been there. The middle of the afternoon is fast approaching, you’re tired and starving. This is the moment when many of us fall from our nutritional values and give into  less than desirable snacks. 

The starvation feeling is caused by a multitude of reasons. The most common include not eating enough fiber, fat, or protein throughout the day and skimping on the H2O.

Here are some ways you can ward off starvation mode:

  1. Spread out fiber intake. Fiber can be found in vegetables, fruits, and beans. It is slow digesting and fills you up. If you’re saving all your veggies and fruits for your evening meal you’ll feel like you’re starving earlier in the day causing the mid-afternoon munchies. It is most beneficial to include a vegetable and fruit in ALL of your meals.
  1. Eat a healthy source of fat with every meal. Fat is very saciating and essential for brain function & regulating hormones. Fat generally takes longer to digest and helps you stay fuller for longer. Eating an avocado and/or nuts and seeds with each meal can help ward off your midday hunger and help you feel alert.
  1. Pair a source of protein with your carbs. Carbohydrates are very fast burning. When you eat carbs without a protein source it’s like throwing gasoline on a fire, it will ignite a lot of energy initially, but quickly burns away. Adding protein to a meal containing carbohydrates helps slow down the burn. We find our newer clients tend to skip protein with breakfast. If that’s the case for you, try adding an egg or protein shake to your morning routine.
  1. Drink Water. Your body is mostly made up of water, if you’re dehydrated your body gets triggered into feeling like it’s in need of something, your brain can interpret it as being hungry. Carry a 20oz bottle filled with water and drink 4-5 of them throughout the day.

Our personal trainers and group coaches value lifting weights, and using multi-jointed, functional exercises performed at high intensity. You don’t have to guess what to do! 

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