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Friday 2.8.19

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*February Movement Challenge is the Squat Hold!
Choose 2:00/4:00/10:00 per day.
*Open starts Feb 22nd
*Abby Vollmer February AOTM!
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CrossFitLincoln – CrossFit

A: Warm-up (No Measure)

Mobility/Stability Warm-up by Synergy Chiropractic.

Warm up with 400m if it’s nice out or 2-3 min on bike or rower

1. Oblique side bridge right x8 reps

2. 7 way Hip stay lying on right side

3. Oblique side bridge left x8 reps

4. 7 way Hip lying on left

5. Repeat #1-4 above

6. Pigeon stretch 30 sec per side

7. Kneeling couch stretch 30 sec per side

B: “SGT. WYT” (Time)


8 Rounds For Time of:

36 Double-Unders

3 Burpee Chest-to-Bar Pull-Ups

Then immediately, one round of:

13 Bear Complexes (115/75 lb)

20 Bar Over Burpees

19 Bear Complexes (115/75 lb)

*25 min cap