Feeling Funky?

I have been hearing a number of people say they are in a funk right now. Then they follow it up with, “ I eventually will get out of it”. 

I tried to think of what else is funky in life and how we take care of it…

Have you ever smelled something funky but didn’t know exactly where it was coming from? What do you typically do?

Leave it alone? 

Walk away from the area and never go back?

More often than not when we smell the funk, we find where the funky smell is coming from. Whether it is the moldy cheese in the back of the fridge, sweaty knee sleeves in the gym bag, or the stinky diaper on your kid, when you smell it you find it and take care of it. 

The same should be true if you are feeling in a funky mood. Instead of ignoring it and going about your day or hoping it goes away soon, challenge yourself to sniff out the reason you are in a funk. Here are a couple of areas to start “smelling” out to see if they are funky:

How is your nutrition? 

  • Do you usually eat on a schedule but now you eat whenever you have time and that means you typically don’t eat? Smells funky! 
  • Have you been eating more processed foods than normal? Eating out more than normal? 
  • Sugar intake up? Have you been enjoying extra desserts at family gatherings or friends’ parties? Smells good going in, but could be putting you into a funk! 

How are you moving? 

  • Have you been missing your workouts?
  • Do you find yourself sitting a little longer than usual throughout the day? A few more Netflix episodes than normal?
  • Slow moving? Tired?

Are we smelling the funk yet? Outside of nutrition and fitness there are many other places you can look to see why you are in a funk. 




The point is take the time to dive into what might be causing your funk. Find that smelly, funky cheese hidden in the back of the fridge and throw it away! 

How can you get out of a funk once you figure out what is causing it?

  1. Dial in your nutrition. Limit your processed sugar intake and increase your whole food intake. Less cookies and more kale. 
  2. Drink a ton of water and flush the funkiness out of your system. A ton = 100oz in this case. Drinking this much water will also help you cut back on other liquids that may be keeping you funky (caffeine & alcohol).
  3. Move your body! Get outside and walk around in the sun and smell the fresh air. Get back to your fitness routine and remember how you were successful in the first place. If you have yet to get a routine established see step 4+5.
  4. Surround yourself with a community of people who notice your funky smell and help you get back on track. 
  5. Hire a coach! Coaches have a keen sense of smell for those stinky attitudes and funky moods, and our coaching team has the tools to coach you out of the funk. 

A pretty silly email but a pretty serious topic. Take simple steps to get yourself out of a funk. The first step? Noticing you are in one and figuring out why! Then you can take steps to get rid of your funk.

I won’t lie and say how great our gym or our members smell after workouts, but I will say we have a pretty awesome community to help keep you motivated and keep you staying fresh, not funky. 

Hope to smell you soon, 

Coach Emily 

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