Emily J. – April Athlete of the Month

Emily J. is our youngest athlete of the month in the history of athletes of the month (last 8 years or so). I may be slightly biased because we share the same name, but every other coach and athlete that has interacted with Emily J. will back me up on what an incredible person and athlete she is. When it comes up in class that she is still in high school, there is always someone who says: “What is she doing here at 6am over summer break?” “High school?!! She is so strong!” “I can’t believe she is so consistent. I would have never waken up at 6am to go workout when I was in high school.”

Emily is also our youngest athlete in the gym. The courage it takes to come to a strange place to do a brand new sport is a lot, and add on top of that most people are 20 years older than her. Most people couldn’t tell how young she is because of how mature, focused, and easy going she is. 

Our 6am group CrossFit class is better because of Emily J. She was in the committed club winter 2022 (36 classes in Nov + Dec) and has attended a goal session each quarter to make sure she is on track to playing softball in college. Her words below give you more insight to this amazing young lady:

Tell us a little about yourself. Where are you from? What do you do for a living/study? 

I’m from Lincoln Nebraska. I am currently a junior at Lincoln Southwest high school. After high school I want to play collegiate softball and study psychology.

How did you find out about Lincoln Nutrition & Fitness?

I discovered CrossFit in the summer of 2021 through a girl who played softball for the same club as me.  After seeing her post, I instantly went down the rabbit hole researching what CrossFit was, the CrossFit games, all of the games athletes, and finally, CrossFit gyms near me, where I found Lincoln Nutrition and Fitness. I started attending classes soon after I turned 16 in October.

What was the biggest obstacle for you to start? How did you overcome that obstacle?

One setback I faced early on was the whole not being able to drive situation, but aside from that and in all seriousness there were other obstacles I faced. I wasn’t (and am not) committed to the number one ranked softball program in the country, ranked number one in my recruiting class, or won four state championships like the girl who played for my club and who I discovered crossfit through. Comparing myself to her made me reluctant to start because I felt like I might not be good enough or I didn’t deserve to do it. I quickly realized that was stupid and got over that. Thank goodness I did because Lincoln Nutrition and Fitness is one of the best communities I have been a part of. 


Do you remember your first workout?

I do remember my first workout, it was Randy [30 barbell snatches for time]. I definitely did not finish and snatches were definitely a new movement for me so I probably looked a little silly. Nonetheless it was super cool to do a hero workout as my first CrossFit workout. 


Who was your coach, how did they help you push through it?

My coach was Emily. She is constantly pushing me to put more weight on the bar, which I am so thankful for. 


Why do you keep coming back to Lincoln Nutrition & Fitness?

I keep coming back because of the people, who are all so supportive, and because finishing a hard workout and getting stronger everyday is SO rewarding!


How do you balance health & fitness with a busy schedule?

I typically come to 6am class. Working out in the morning not only allows me to start my day off right but It also allows me to get a workout in and still have time to go to work or practice after school. When it comes to nutrition I’m pretty lucky because I almost never have to cook for myself; my parents usually take care of that for me:) However, I am always on the go, so it is super important for me to always have healthy snacks that I can take with me anywhere. 


How does CrossFit help you with your job/school/sports?

I’ve noticed when I workout in the morning I feel much more awake in school and it’s a lot easier to pay attention in my first classes of the day. Crossfit has undoubtedly affected my ability to play softball. I’m stronger than ever and I feel more confident on the field.  


What is your favorite thing about Lincoln Nutrition & Fitness?

My favorite thing about Lincoln Nutrition and Fitness is the unrelenting support from every athlete and coach, as well as the incredible atmosphere I get to experience each class. 


We are so glad Emily’s passion for softball led her to our gym to continue to get stronger so that she could continue to play softball after high school. Thank you for sharing your mornings with us and we look forward to continuing to help grow over the next year! 
Coach Emily

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