Our phase 1 class STRENGTH programming will focus on one dynamic olympic lift, one slower, larger muscle moving lift and strict pulling and pressing each week.

On the dynamic lifts we will work on refining basic mechanics by practicing position, speed and technique from the hang position, while incorporating some accessory olympic lifts.

For the slower lifts, we will continue to build on base strength with a higher rep hypertrophy strength cycle. You’ll get to establish a 10 rep and 12 rep max on couple of lifts over the next couple of weeks. Get ready to have some fun!

Finally, our goal is to focus on shoulder and joint health in our skill sessions over the within this first phase. At the end of our last cycle, we started focusing on strict pulling and pushing movements with the lower body. We will continue to build on this over the next few phases of Cycle 1.

MONDAY – Alternate between Mobility & Stability from Synergy Chiropractic and Core Conditioning from Coach Paul.

TUESDAY – Alternate weeks between Front Squat & Snatch

-Front Squat = hypertrophy squat cycle

-Snatch = technique focus (practice from hang positions, pulls from floor)

WEDNESDAY – Upper Pull & Lower Push accessory

-Upper Pull = alternate weeks between vertical pull & horizontal pull strength (focusing on shoulder health & stability)

-Lower Push = accessory single leg movements

Skill = every other week, skill work specific to WOD

THURSDAY – Alternate between Clean & Deadlift

-Clean = technique focus (practice from hang positions and pulls from the floor)

-Deadlift – hypertrophy cycle

FRIDAY – Upper Push & Lower Pull Accessory

-Upper Push = Alternate weeks between vertical push & horizontal push strength (focusing on shoulder health & stability)

-Lower Pull Accessory = Accessory posterior chain development

Skill = every other week, skill work specific to WOD


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