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Are Protein Farts a Sign of Eating Too Much Protein?


With the popularity of protein based diets, our team at Lincoln Nutrition & Fitness is often being  asked if it’s possible to consume too much protein in a day. 

The fear is commonly rooted in the possibility of long term health effects. In extreme cases, too much protein can make it a challenge for your kidneys causing kidney stones.

However, the reality is most of our clients do NOT consume ENOUGH protein, so it is highly unlikely that you’re too much protein to cause issues. 

The question then becomes, how much should I eat and how much is too much?

The amount of protein consumption is dependent on your body type and activity level. 

An elite athlete or bodybuilder can likely consume more protein than the average person. With a higher level of activity they can synthesize the protein for muscle repair and recovery.

As a general rule, if you’re an active person and consuming within 15 grams of your bodyweight per day in protein, you’re in a good range of eating enough, and not too much. 

For example, if you’re 140 pounds, eating between 125 – 155 grams of protein in a day, you’re doing awesome!

If you have concerns about consuming too much protein, think about tracking your food intake for a week. This can give you a good understanding of the amount of protein you are consuming on a daily basis.

Our personal trainers and group coaches value lifting weights, and using multi-jointed, functional exercises performed at high intensity. You don’t have to guess what to do! 

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