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Everyone has a different journey to health. Some of us are looking so far ahead at what a healthy life looks like we forget about the little things we can do everyday to be healthier. Some of us only see a big blur when asked what the end of their health journey looks like, and need help seeing how healthy they can be. Here is my journey thus far…

It started with a question: “Why do I always get stomach aches?” That triggered something in me to start learning about how food affected me physically – how it made me feel.

As I became more aware of my own reaction to certain foods, I started paying more attention to the people around me and what they ate. I observed their moods, body language and noticed the comments they would make after they ate: “I just ate, now I am so tired I need a nap.” “I am going to regret that later.” “I had all that cake last night at the wedding, now all I crave is more sugar.”

This curiosity led me to look at the foods I was actually eating, and I realized how many foods I had never tried. I found new fruits and vegetables to discover and enjoy for the first time! 

At one point, I dated a vegetarian and discovered a whole new world in the preparation of vegetables and what the heck spices were used for! 

I also worked in the produce department at a food co-op for 5 years. There, I found a community of farmers and people who cared about where their food was sourced. 

I listened to people talk about how they prepared their food, what it tasted like and observed the joy on their faces. 

I asked for recipes and started cooking everything… Burned a lot of things, gave away a lot of dishes and choked down some others. I learned a lot about cooking the new foods I was discovering. 

My journey didn’t start with a diet, it started with a question. 

Start your journey today by asking a question – BE CURIOUS!!  

My journey has taken me to a place where I can now help others see the healthiest version of themselves and help them get there! Come ask me a question today! 

Coach Emily