In a world that wants more bang for their buck, and because there are so many benefits to performing high intensity interval training, it is easy to bash aerobic training. Aerobic training is traditionally long and monotonous, i.e. taking a long run, elliptical, bike ride, etc. 

In fact, over a decade ago, I began using high intensity training for my primary source of workouts because I hated the monotony of long, slow, steady state training. 

But this perception of aerobic training is not the truth! It is a very important tool for improving your health and should be part of everyone’s workout routine!

At Lincoln Nutrition & Fitness, you’ll see aerobic training in the form of longer workouts, combining bodyweight exercises, lighter weights, running, rowing and biking. There are many benefits to performing this type of training.


A stronger heart pumps blood more efficiently, which improves blood flow to all parts of your body.

This is beneficial for lowering blood pressure, reducing chances of heart disease, recovering from injury and improving performance in high intensity bouts of exercise. 


Longer aerobic workouts at low intensity allow for a big calorie burn to take place during the effort. 

If the focus is maintaining a steady pace throughout the training session you’ll generally burn more calories in the session than in a high intensity session.


Slow moving, low weight, aerobic training sessions can help flush bacteria out of the lungs and airways. This can reduce your chance of getting a cold, flu, or other illnesses. 

Aerobic training is also important for modification to occur in antibodies and white blood cells. These modifications are beneficial for your body’s immune system to fight disease. 

High intensity training performed too often can break down your immune system and cause you to be more susceptible to illness. 

If you use high intensity training as your primary workout routine, it’s important to rest and add aerobic exercise to help your immune system stay strong & healthy.


Aerobic training releases endorphins, which are natural mood boosting chemicals. 

Performing aerobic training also gives you a focused activity during the day. Often these efforts are not intense, giving you ample time to free yourself from screens, work, unleash stress, meditate, and gain a sense of accomplishment.


Aerobic training is a great tool for building a base of conditioning that supports recovery from high intensity efforts. 

High intensity training pushes your muscle fibers to their limit and builds up a high amount of lactic acid. Because aerobic training supports blood flow to all parts of your body, it assists in flushing lactic acid and reducing muscle soreness. 

If your goal is to improve your strength, you don’t want to perform aerobic training everyday, but a couple times a week will be highly beneficial for recovery.

Having an aerobic baseline is important for your cardiovascular health and being able to push yourself in high intensity efforts.  Aerobic training is a great time to slow down, focus on quality of movement and continue to improve for the future. 

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COACH PHIL KNIEP – Owner & CEO of Lincoln Nutrition & Fitness

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