4 Reasons Why People Don’t Start

Have you been thinking about making a change? Are you wanting to lose some pounds? Are you looking for ways to build muscle? What’s been holding you back?

We have talked to hundreds of people about starting their fitness journey. As we sat with them it became clear they held common reasons for not starting (or not starting sooner).

Here are 4 common reasons why people don’t start their fitness journey:

  1. They’re Afraid – Walking into the gym is intimidating. Especially if you spent the last few months (or years) avoiding places like the gym. You can build up a story in your mind of people staring, snickering behind your back or sneaking pics of you struggling with the weight. You’ve probably seen those gym fail videos online and are terrified of making the next mashup. 
  2. They’re Ashamed and Embarrassed – Maybe you used to be more confident in your body. Maybe you’ve never felt good about yourself. Sometimes we keep ourselves from making changes to our routine because we are ashamed and embarrassed of where we are. Our negative thoughts take over: I’m too fat, too out of shape, too worthless. I’ve tried before and failed. No one would take me seriously. I don’t even take myself seriously. I’m just going to embarrass myself even more.
  3. They Don’t Know Enough – There always seems to be that machine or movement that no one seems to know how to use or why they do it. Wandering through the gym confused and lost has “counted” as a workout more times than we probably would like to admit. Plenty of people get tired of doing the same lifts or running endless miles on the treadmill watching home makeover shows and SportsCenter highlights, but there are so many “plans” out there that it’s hard to know which one to use.
  4. They’re “Not Fit Enough” – We have heard people say, “I’m not fit enough to start at your gym.” We have heard it a lot, actually. They tell us they need to go to a local globo gym to “get in shape” before they start with us. That’s the same as saying, “I need to get over being sick before I go and see my doctor.”

I used all of these reasons (er, excuses) before we started, too. I was afraid, ashamed, embarrassed, lost, confused and out of shape. When I walked in the door and started, I had know idea what to expect. 

What I found out was that the people next to me had the same hang ups when they started. They supported me where I was at. No one laughed at me or snickered behind my back while they shared my gym fail video. The staff created a plan for my success. All I had to do was keep walking in the door. Getting in shape was the result of consistency and trusting the process they made.

Lincoln Nutrition & Fitness: Home of CrossFit Lincoln takes the guesswork out of the gym. 

We provide you with a coach that will answer your questions, introduce you to other members and make sure you are comfortable in the gym.

We offer support to you and your goals without laughing at you or rolling our eyes. Your goals become ours because we love to help others reach their goals.

We build a plan specifically for reaching your goals. 

Want to lose weight? We can help. 

Want to build muscle mass? We can help. 

Want to dominate your rec league? We can help.

Want to be healthier for your kids/grandkids? We can help.

We meet you where you are.

You do not need to be more “in shape” before you start with us. We are in the business of meeting you where you are, with your current fitness level and moving you in the right direction.

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